What the Phuket?!
Episode Information
Season Rivals II
Episode No. 5
Air Date August 7, 2013
Viewers (in millions) 1.48
Episode Chronology
Previous Mortuusequusphobia
Next Revenge is a Dish Best Not Serve
What the Phuket?! is the fifth episode of The Challenge: Rivals II.


One challenger gets homesick and takes his frustration out on everyone around him. A strategic fumble in voting leads one challenger to accidentally send her hookup into elimination.


Location: Phuket, Thailand
Challenge: Frog Smash
The challenge will take place on a 60 foot beam suspended 30 feet above the water with eight swings. On TJ's signal teams must try to run as quickly as they can across the beam. While they are crossing the beam the opposing players of the same gender will be swinging around in an attempt to knock them off. Players must stay within two swings of their partner while crossing the swing to avoid a time penalty. If one partner on a team falls into the water the other player must continue and both of their separate times will be totaled. The fastest male team will win safety from the Jungle while the fastest female team will win $1,000 to split. The slowest male team, or the male team to fall into the water first, will be sent straight to the Jungle.

Winners Last Place
Male Female
CTRivals2Icon WesRivals2Icon
CT & Wes
JasmineRivals2Icon TheresaRivals2Icon
Jasmine & Theresa
TreyRivals2Icon ZachRivals2Icon
Trey & Zach


Women's vote:

Female Team Vote Female Team Vote
AneesaRivals2Icon DiemRivals2Icon
Aneesa & Diem
LeroyRivals2Icon TyRivals2Icon
Leroy & Ty
CamilaRivals2Icon JemmyeRivals2Icon
Camila & Jemmye
JordanRivals2Icon MarlonRivals2Icon
Jordan & Marlon
CaraMariaExesIcon CookeRivals2Icon
Cara Maria & Cooke
FrankRivals2Icon JohnnyRivals2Icon
Frank & Johnny
EmilyRivals2Icon PaulaRivals2Icon
Emily & Paula
KnightRivals2Icon PrestonRivals2Icon
Knight & Preston
JasmineRivals2Icon TheresaRivals2Icon
Jasmine & Theresa
LeroyRivals2Icon TyRivals2Icon
Leroy & Ty
JonnaRivals2Icon NanyRivals2Icon
Jonna & Nany
LeroyRivals2Icon TyRivals2Icon
Leroy & Ty


Jungle: Breaking on Through
Teams will start on top of their own three-floor tower in the center of the Jungle. On TJ's signal players must jump through the trapdoor at the top of the tower and use the tools provided to continue breaking through each floor until they reach the bottom. The floors require cutting through chains, breaking through drywall and glass panels, and breaking open a steel lock on a door at the bottom of the tower. Teams must alternate between who breaks through for each level and the team to reach the bottom of their tower the fastest will win and return to the game. The losers will be eliminated.

Winners Eliminated
LeroyRivals2Icon TyRivals2Icon
Leroy & Ty
TreyRivals2Icon ZachRivals2Icon
Trey & Zach


  • Trey and Zach completed the "Breaking on Through" elimination before Leroy and Ty but failed to alternate between breaking through each floor. As a result Leroy and Ty were declared the winners by default.

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