• Mtvchallengemania

    Male contestants
    Player Original Season Finish
    Hunter Barfield AYTO? 3 Winner
    Marlon Williams RW: Portland Runner-up
    Robbie Padovano RW Seattle: Bad Blood Third place
    Jason Hill RW: Skeletons Episode 11
    Clinton Moxam AYTO? 6 Episode 10
    Tony Raines RW: Skeletons Episode 9
    Anthony Martin AYTO? 6
    Nelson Thomas AYTO? 3
    Patrick Strong 90's House Episode 8
    Jaylan Adlam AYTO? 5 Episode 7
    Joss Mooney Ex on the Beach Episode 6
    Leroy Garrett RW: Las Vegas (2011) Episode 5
    Cory Wharton RW: Ex-Plosion Episode 4
    Theo Bradley RW Seattle: Bad Blood Episode 3
    Frank Sweeney RW: San Diego (2011) Episode 2
    Jordan Wiseley RW: Portland Episode 1
    Michael Johnson AYTO? 6

    Female contestants
    Sylvia Elsrode RW: Skeletons Winner
    Katrina Stack RW Seattle: Bad Blood Runner-up
    Nurys Mateo AYTO? 6 Third place
    Averey Tres…

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  • Mtvchallengemania

    Male contestants
    Player Original Season Finish
    Cory Wharton RW: Ex-Plosion Winner
    Bruno Bettencourt RW: Skeletons Runner-up
    Mike Crescenzo AYTO? 3 Third place
    Edward Williams AYTO? 5 Episode 13
    Zach Nichols RW: San Diego (2011) Episode 12
    Peter Romeo RW Seattle: Bad Blood Episode 11
    Tony Raines RW: Skeletons Episode 10
    Hunter Barfield AYTO? 3 Episode 9
    Paulie Calafiore Big Brother 18 Episode 8
    Theo Bradley RW Seattle: Bad Blood Episode 7
    Nate Siebenmark AYTO? 2 Episode 6
    Nelson Thomas AYTO? 3 Episode 5
    Dylan Moore RW: Go Big or Go Home Episode 4
    Robb Schreiber RW: St. Thomas Episode 3
    Keith Klebacher AYTO? 6 Episode 2
    Joss Mooney Ex on the Beach
    Derrick Henry AYTO? 5 Episode 1

    Female contestants
    Aneesa Ferreira RW: Chicago Winner
    Sylvia Elsrode RW: Skeletons Runner-up
    Amanda Garcia AYTO? 3

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  • Mtvchallengemania

    Format Credit: AshtonMartin (Vevmo)

    32 players travel to Indonesia in hopes of winning their share of 1 million dollars. This group ranges from the best and brightest to the shadiest and most aggressive players in the game. This game is Heroes vs Villains. It will be played similar to The Ruins where before each challenge each team must nominate 3 guys and 3 girls as Captains. If your team wins the Captains get to pick which 2 players (Male and Female) from their team and which 2 players from the losing team face off in the Garden. 

    Male contestants
    Bruno Bettencourt RW: Skeletons TBA
    Chris Tamburello RW: Paris TBA
    Cory Wharton RW: Ex-Plosion TBA
    CJ Koegel RW: Cancun TBA
    Clinton Moxam AYTO? 6 TBA
    Darrell Taylor RR: Campus Crawl TBA
    Derrick Kosinski RR: X-…

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  • Mtvchallengemania

    Season 31 Wishlist

    September 25, 2017 by Mtvchallengemania

    Player Original Season Latest Appearance Casting Status
    Alicia Wright Are You the One?: Season 5 Final Cast
    Ashley Mitchell Real World: Ex-Plosion Champs vs. Stars Unlikely
    Brad Fiorenza The Real World: San Diego (2004) Cutthroat Final Cast
    Britni Thornton Are You the One?: Season 3 XXX: Dirty 30
    Cara Maria Sorbello Fresh Meat II
    Chris Tamburello The Real World: Paris Champs vs. Stars TBD 
    Cory Wharton Real World: Ex-Plosion Final Cast
    Derrick Kosinski Road Rules: X-Treme XXX: Dirty 30 Alternate
    Devin Walker Are You the One?: Season 3 TBD
    Dimitri Valentin Are You the One?: Season 6 Unlikely
    Emily Schromm The Real World: D.C. Champs vs. Stars
    Jemmye Carroll The Real World: New Orleans (2010) XXX: Dirty 30 Final Cast
    Johnny Devenanzio The Real World: Key West Champs vs. Stars
    Kailah C…

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  • Mtvchallengemania

    Format Credit: PinkRose (Vevmo)

    16 pairs of challengers that have been friends or alliance on the past. Some started as friends/alliance then became bitter enemies and others are friends that doesnt necessarily see eye to eye on everything and in some cases have betrayed each other on the past. Some are in good terms others had fallouts. They are divided into two teams, But in order to be safe you need to make sure your other half is safe too since if they get vote in you will go into elimination with them, since it will be pair same sex elimination days and you will need to be link up to your frienemies . Only 3 pairs from each gender will make it to the end. The final will be in pairs with the rivals 3 twist where they can steal their par…

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