True Colors
Episode Information
Season Rivals II
Episode No. 10
Air Date September 11, 2013
Viewers (in millions) 1.34
Episode Chronology
Previous Diemnesia
Next Final Destination
True Colors is the tenth episode of The Challenge: Rivals II.


A game-changing win at the challenge has the losing female teams desperate to secure their spots in the final. After deliberations, Diem unravels when she realizes she had been manipulated throughout the entire game.


Location: Phuket, Thailand
Challenge: Color Correction
Teams will begin at the starting line on the beach and, on TJ's signal, must run a mile along a trail. At the end of the trail teams will come across a light panel that will flash a sequence with four different colored lights. Teams must memorize this sequence and run back along the trail to their key where they must stack colored plates in the same sequence that they memorized. The two winners of the first round will face each other in one final round. Since there are no more male eliminations, the male teams are exempt from participating in this challenge. The team to win the final round of the challenge will win safety from the Jungle. The team to perform the worst will be sent straight to the Jungle.

Winners Last Place
CaraMariaExesIcon CookeRivals2Icon
Cara Maria & Cooke
AneesaRivals2Icon DiemRivals2Icon
Aneesa & Diem


Men's vote:

Male Team Vote Male Team Vote
CTRivals2Icon WesRivals2Icon
CT & Wes
EmilyRivals2Icon PaulaRivals2Icon
Emily & Paula
FrankRivals2Icon JohnnyRivals2Icon
Frank & Johnny
CamilaRivals2Icon JemmyeRivals2Icon
Camila & Jemmye
JordanRivals2Icon MarlonRivals2Icon
Jordan & Marlon
CamilaRivals2Icon JemmyeRivals2Icon
Camila & Jemmye

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