Thomas Buell
Challenger Profile
Original Series RW: Ex-Plosion
Born April 21, 1992 (1992-04-21) (age 26)
Hometown Fort Worth, Texas
Challenge Career
Seasons Battle of the Exes II
Battle of the Bloodlines
Rivals III
Challenge Wins 4
Eliminations 2 (1 win, 1 loss)
Battle of the Ex-iled 1 (1 loss)
Social Media
Twitter tombuelljr
Instagram tombuelljr


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Thomas got the shock of his life when his old high-school sweetheart, Hailey, showed up to rock his world on Real World: Explosion. Hailey's unexpected arrival derailed Thomas' romantic ambitions, leaving him fuming. After several aggressive attempts to get Hailey out of the house, Thomas and Hailey's volatile emotions eventually erupted, leaving their relationship badly bruised. Thomas reveals, "We ended up going our separate ways because our relationship was toxic." With an uphill battle ahead, Hailey worries, "He doesn't know how to forgive and move past things that happened in the past. I wasn't the best girlfriend to him and he's still a little salty about that." Coming into Battle of the Exes II, will these two be able to patch up their ravaged relationship? Or will the weight of their emotional baggage cause them to crash and burn?

After a disappointing debut on Battle of the Exes II, Thomas returns for redemption and this time he brings along his twin brother, Stephen, to double down on their chances at victory. These charming look-alikes are both Division I tennis champs, but they will have to combine forces to translate their athletic acumen into Challenge wins. Thomas states confidently, "Being twins, it's really cool because we always have each other's back. We are athletic and we are super competitive and it's gonna bring us to the top for sure." This competitive pair is renowned for their way with the ladies, but when Thomas lands him a steamy undercover hookup, it could threaten to upend every alliance in the house.

Thomas found out the hard way that Simone is not a diva to be trifled with on Battle of the Exes II when she unloaded fourteen full drinks in his face just for telling her to mind her own business. Simone recalls it fondly, "Me and him had a heated argument that made me throw fourteen drinks on him in seven seconds flat. I'm trying to work on this Zen thing that I'm doing now, but I can barely stand looking at Tom, okay?" Thomas explains her melodrama cynically, "She's gonna scream; she's gonna be loud and obnoxious and throw things at people for no reason. All she wants is attention." Thomas's worst nightmare comes true when Simone proves to be even more outrageous than he thought possible. However, her confrontational nature may be contagious, as Thomas soon finds himself going toe-to-toe with one of the most formidable competitors in the house. All of this drama is compounded when one of the most unique injuries in Challenge history threatens to remove this team from the game… These two certainly have their work cut out for them!

Battle of the Exes II

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 I Got You Babe SAFE
2 Rounding the Bases OUT

Elimination History

Episode Dome Partner Opponents Result
2 Banded Together OUT

Battle of the Ex-iled

Episode Dome Partner Opponents Result
2 Sweaters OUT

Battle of the Bloodlines

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Water Battle SAFE
2 Family Dinner PIT
3/4 Meet Me Halfway Red Team WIN
4/5 Air to the Throne WIN
6 Family Connection WIN
7 Hand Me Down OUT

Elimination History

Episode Pit Opponent Result
2 Squaring Off WIN

Rivals III

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1/2 Give Me Some Slack SAFE
3 Dirty Laundry SAFE
4/5 Out on a Limb SAFE
6 Laps of Judgement QUIT


  • Thomas & Simone were nominated for the Jungle, however due to a personal emergency back home, Thomas quit the game.


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