The Real World: Sydney
Sydney Cast
Challenge Debut The Island
Cast Members Ashli Robson
Cohutta Grindstaff
Dunbar Merrill (won)
Isaac Stout
KellyAnne Judd (final)
Parisa Montazaran
Shauvon Torres
Trisha Cummings
Game Summary
Eliminations 21 (9 wins, 12 losses)
Money Won $53,294


The Duel II

Episode Duel Player Opponent Result
1/2 Back Off Shauvon Aneesa OUT
5 Spot On Isaac Landon OUT
7 The Elevator Dunbar MJ OUT

The Ruins

Episode Ruins Player Opponent Result
2 Shadowfighter KellyAnne Evelyn WIN
5 Spool Cohutta Wes WIN
6 Hog Tie Cohutta Syrus WIN
KellyAnne Veronica WIN
7 Crunch Cohutta Darrell OUT
8/9 Rag Doll Dunbar Johnny OUT


Episode Gulag Player Opponent Result
7 Die Hard Dunbar Dan WIN

Battle of the Exes

Episode Dome Players Opponents Result
6 Banded Together Dunbar Aneesa WIN
Paula Rachel
7/8 Hall Pass Dunbar Ty OUT
Paula Emily

Rivals II

Episode Jungle Players Opponents Result
1 Last Chance Dunbar Derek OUT
Tyrie Robb

Free Agents

Episode Elimination Player Opponent Result
5 Balls In 11 Isaac 03 Bananas OUT
8 Oppenheimer 15 Cohutta 07 Preston WIN
9 Balls In 15 Cohutta 13 Leroy OUT

Battle of the Bloodlines

Episode Pit Player Opponent Result
2 Squaring Off Cohutta Thomas OUT
6 Ring My Bell KellyAnne Nany WIN
8 Spun Out KellyAnne Jenna OUT

Rivals III

Episode Jungle Players Opponents Result
7 Chill Out Jamie Nelson WIN
KellyAnne Amanda
9 Hear Me Out Jamie Wes OUT
KellyAnne Nany


  • Ashli, Dunbar, Isaac, and KellyAnne were originally flown to Turkey before Battle of the Seasons to compete and represent Team Sydney. However they were sent home prior to filming for unknown reasons and replaced by Team Fresh Meat.


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