The Real World: St. Thomas
St Thomas
Challenge Debut Battle of the Seasons (2012)
Cast Members Brandon Kane
Brandon Swift
LaToya Jackson
Laura Waller
Marie Roda (final)
Robb Schreiber
Trey Weatherholtz
Game Summary
Eliminations 14 (3 wins, 11 losses)
Money Won $500


Battle of the Seasons

Episode Arena Players Opponents Result
6 Knot So Fast Laura Dustin OUT
Trey Nany
9 Balls Out Marie Alton WIN
Robb Nany
10 Water Torture Marie Dustin OUT
Robb Trishelle

Rivals II

Episode Jungle Players Opponents Result
1 Last Chance Derek Dunbar WIN
Robb Tyrie
3 Snapper Derek Knight OUT
Robb Preston
5 Breaking on Through Trey Leroy DQ
Zach Ty

Free Agents

Episode Elimination Player Opponent Result
1 Balls In 18 LaToya 04 Jemmye WIN
4 Oppenheimer 18 LaToya 02 Cara Maria OUT
6 Looper 21 Swift 25 Jordan OUT

Invasion of the Champions

Episode Fortress Player Opponent Result
2 In the Trenches Marie Kailah OUT
4 Thai Rise LaToya Sylvia OUT

XXX: Dirty 30

Episode Presidio Player Opponent Result
6/7 Striptease Marie Tori OUT


Episode Ring Player Opponent Result
9 Basket Case Marie Kailah OUT

Final Reckoning

Episode Armageddon Players Opponents Result
15 Meet Me Halfway Cara Maria Nelson OUT
Marie Shane


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