The Real World: Brooklyn
Challenge Debut The Ruins
Cast Members Baya Voce
Chet Cannon (final)
Devyn Simone (final)
JD Ordoñez (final)
Katelynn Cusanelli
Ryan Conklin
Sarah Patterson (won)
Scott Herman
Game Summary
Eliminations 12 (7 wins, 5 losses)
Money Won $218,689


The Ruins

Episode Ruins Player Opponent Result
1 Shoots and Ladders Chet Wes OUT
4 Oh Ring Sarah Katie WIN
7 Crunch Sarah Johanna WIN

Fresh Meat II

Episode Exile Players Opponents Result
2 Weight For Me Sarah Kenny OUT
Vinny Laurel


Episode Gulag Player Opponent Result
2 Back Up Off Me JD Brandon OUT


Episode Jungle Players Opponents Result
5 Unburied Katelynn Jasmine OUT
Sarah Jonna

Battle of the Seasons

Episode Arena Players Opponents Result
3 Knot So Fast Chet Brandon WIN
Sarah Cara Maria
4/5 Water Torture Devyn Camila WIN
JD Eric
5 Balls Out Chet McKenzie WIN
Sarah Preston

Free Agents

Episode Elimination Player Opponent Result
1 Balls In 09 Chet 05 Frank QUIT

Battle of the Exes II

Episode Dome Players Opponents Result
8 Hammer It Home Jordan Zach WIN
Sarah Jonna

Rivals III

Episode Jungle Players Opponents Result
13 Don't Wine for Me Argentina Bananas Dario WIN
Sarah Nicole


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