The Real World: Austin
Challenge Debut Fresh Meat
Cast Members Danny Jamieson
Johanna Botta (won)
Lacey Buehler
Melinda Stolp
Nehemiah Clark (won)
Rachel Moyal (won)
Wes Bergmann (won)
Game Summary
Eliminations 38 (17 wins, 21 losses)
Money Won $448,000


Fresh Meat

Episode Exile Players Opponents Result
2 Beach Course Wes Danny WIN
Casey Evelyn
4 Forest Course Wes Melinda WIN
Casey Ryan
6 Cliffside Course Wes Johanna WIN
Casey Jesse
8 Forest Course Wes Tonya WIN
Casey Johnnie
12 Cliffside Course Wes Shane WIN
Casey Linette

The Duel

Episode Duel Player Opponent Result
5 Ascender Nehemiah Kenny WIN
7 I Can Nehemiah Eric OUT
9 Pole Wrestle Wes Derrick WIN

The Inferno 3

Episode Inferno Player Opponent Result
4 Ejection Rachel Jenn OUT
6 Watch Your Back Danny Davis OUT

The Gauntlet III

Episode Gauntlet Player Opponent Result
1 Force Field Nehemiah Alex WIN
6 Ball Brawl Melinda Tori OUT
7 Ram It Home Nehemiah Ryan WIN
8/9 Ball Brawl Danny Adam OUT

The Duel II

Episode Duel Player Opponent Result
4 The Elevator Nehemiah Evan OUT

The Ruins

Episode Ruins Player Opponent Result
1 Shoots and Ladders Wes Chet WIN
2 Shadowfighter Wes Nick WIN
4 Oh Ring Danny Darrell OUT
5 Spool Wes Cohutta OUT
7 Crunch Johanna Sarah OUT

Fresh Meat II

Episode Exile Players Opponents Result
5 Lost and Found Danny Jillian OUT
Sandy Pete
7 Wes Evelyn OUT
Mandi Luke


Episode Gulag Player Opponent Result
6 Handcuffs Melinda Emily OUT


Episode Jungle Players Opponents Result
2 Blast Off Kenny Davis WIN
Wes Tyrie
4 Going Up Kenny Brandon WIN
Wes Ty
6 Rail Slide Evan Adam K. OUT
Nehemiah CT

Battle of the Exes

Episode Dome Players Opponents Result
1 X Knocks the Spot Wes Nate WIN
Mandi Priscilla
2 X Battle Wes Leroy OUT
Mandi Naomi

Battle of the Seasons

Episode Arena Players Opponents Result
1 Hall Brawl Lacey Cara Maria OUT
Wes Eric
2 Balls Out Danny Camila OUT
Melinda Eric

Battle of the Exes II

Episode Dome Players Opponents Result
9/10 Hall Brawl Wes Leroy OUT
Theresa Nia

Rivals III

Episode Jungle Players Opponents Result
9 Hear Me Out Wes Jamie WIN
Nany KellyAnne
11 Shattered Dreams Wes Nate WIN
Nany Christina
12 Tunnel Vision Wes Dario OUT
Nany Nicole

War of the Worlds

Episode Killing Floor Players Opponents Result
5 Lights Out Wes Zach WIN
Dee Zahida
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