The Naked Truth
Episode Information
Season Rivals III
Episode No. 6
Air Date June 8, 2016
Viewers (in millions) 0.74
Episode Chronology
Previous Where the Ratchet Things Are
Next Camilanator: Salvation

The Naked Truth is the sixth episode of The Challenge: Rivals III.


During a rigorous challenge, one cast member’s cheating ways could cost a team their fate in the game.


Location: Huatulco, Mexico
Challenge: Laps of Judgement
Teams will start at the first of five stations and choose one of two tasks. Upon completing the task they will collect a token which they must hook at the top of the hill. The first team to complete all five of their tasks and hook their tokens will win and choose two teams to send into The Jungle. The last place team will automatically be sent to The Jungle.

Power Team Last Place
BananasRivals3Icon SarahRivals3Icon
Bananas & Sarah
TonyRivals3Icon CamilaRivals3Icon
Tony & Camila


Winner's choice:

Power Team Vote
1st Vote 2nd Vote
BananasRivals3Icon SarahRivals3Icon
Bananas & Sarah

WesRivals3Icon NanyRivals3Icon
Wes & Nany
ThomasRivals3Icon SimoneRivals3Icon
Thomas & Simone


Skull Draw:

Skull draw Jungle Team
White skull pick Black skull pick


  • Nate and Christina initially came in last place during the challenge after losing one of their tokens. They were pardoned from going into The Jungle when footage revealed that Camila had tampered with their tokens during the challenge and as a result she and Tony were sent into The Jungle.
  • Prior to the Skull Draw at The Jungle, Thomas withdrew from the competition due to a family emergency. Simone had no other rivals to step in as her partner and was disqualified as a result of being his partner. TJ also announced that if neither Wes or Nany pulled a black skull that the elimination would be canceled.

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