The Curse of the Black Skull
Episode Information
Season Rivals III
Episode No. 2
Air Date May 11, 2016
Viewers (in millions) 0.70
Episode Chronology
Previous Mexican Standoff
Next The Replacements

The Curse of the Black Skull is the second episode of The Challenge: Rivals III.


The cast ventures into the elimination Jungle for the first time, which means alliances are forming, hookups are hot, and friendships are already falling apart.


Winner's choice:

Power Team Vote
1st Vote 2nd Vote
VinceRivals3Icon JennaRivals3Icon
Vince & Jenna

BrandonRivals3Icon BrianaRivals3Icon
Brandon & Briana
DevinRivals3Icon CheyenneRivals3Icon
Devin & Cheyenne


Skull Draw:

Skull draw Jungle Team
White skull pick Black skull pick
DevinRivals3Icon CheyenneRivals3Icon
Devin & Cheyenne

Jungle: Back It Up
Teams have to shimmy their way up a wall while facing each other, transfer ceramic pottery on their laps, and deposit the pottery into a cargo net through a hole at the top of the wall. If a team drops a piece of pottery, they have to start over at ground level. The first team to deposit three pieces of pottery through their designated hole in the wall wins.

Winners Eliminated
JohnnyRivals3Icon JessicaRivals3Icon
Johnny & Jessica
DevinRivals3Icon CheyenneRivals3Icon
Devin & Cheyenne


  • Leroy & Averey were removed from the competition due to injury. Leroy initially revealed in Episode 1 that he was suffering from a pinched nerve in his back, though he and Averey participated in the "Give Me Some Slack" challenge. Prior to the first Jungle nomination, host T.J. Lavin delivered the news that Leroy was medically unable to continue competing, and Averey was sent home as the result of being Leroy's partner.

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