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Challenger Spotlight

Cara Maria Sorbello

Challenges: Fresh Meat II, Cutthroat, Rivals, Battle of the Exes, Battle of the Seasons (2012), Rivals II, Free Agents, Battle of the Bloodlines, Invasion of the Champions, XXX: Dirty 30, Vendettas, Final Reckoning, War of the Worlds

Powerhouse Cara Maria made her Challenge debut during the series' nineteenth season as one of the series' Fresh Meat contestants. Despite being one of the highest performing female players in the Draft and being selected by reigning Fresh Meat champion Darrell as a partner, the pair was targeted early after being deemed a threat and were eliminated in the first Exile. Eager to prove herself, she returned the following season and was selected to be part of the Grey Team. Within her team Cara Maria found herself in a relationship with established veteran Abram, and at odds with Laurel who believed that she needed to prove her value to the team. Cara Maria secured her first elimination win against Mandi and was able to reach the Final Challenge where her team fell in second place after Abram and Sarah required medical attention. Cara Maria returned once more on the following season and was now partnered with her biggest critic: Laurel. Though the pair initially struggled with communication and getting along, they were soon able to fall in sync, winning one challenge, two eliminations, and once again receiving second place in the Final Challenge. Cara Maria came back for her fourth season partnered with Abram despite the couple's relationship status being considered up in the air. The team maintained a solid standing in the house, but struggled to perform well and were knocked out midway through the game. She was brought back for her fifth go as a surprise team in the game consisting of fellow Fresh Meat players Brandon, Camila, and Eric, but the group was targeted for their veteran status by the dominating rookie alliance and was eliminated early.

Despite having little history with Cooke, Cara Maria was brought into the game as her replacement partner on Rivals II. The pair's lack of previous interaction created an interesting dynamic at first, but the pair would eventually show that they were a dominating duo, winning two Jungle eliminations in addition to the final daily challenge of the season. Though they took the lead on day one of the Final Challenge, they fell behind on day two and Cara Maria received her third second place finish. She returned for her seventh consecutive Challenge happy to play an individual game in the company of best friend Laurel. Though she did not struggle with daily challenges, Cara Maria found herself in multiple eliminations throughout the season as a result of the Draw, while her relationship with Laurel simultaneously went downhill. During her third elimination of the season against Jessica, Cara Maria injured her hand, but opted to continue in the game. In the penultimate elimination of the season she came face-to-face with Laurel and was eliminated. Cara Maria returned after a single season break, bringing along her cousin Jamie as her Bloodline. She found herself in controversy early in the season after longtime enemy Johnny Bananas recorded video footage of her mingling with Thomas despite still dating Abram. She was shocked when Abram was brought into the game as a replacement player and found her game in jeopardy when Bananas decided to out her secret to Abram. Though the season inevitably led to the end of her relationship with Abram, she and Jamie won the final three eliminations of the season, defeating Bananas in the process, and were able to take home the first place prize. She once more took a single season break and invaded the game on Invasion of the Champions as part of the season twist. Though her friendship with Laurel had seemingly been repaired, it once again fell apart as Nicole fought for both friends' affections, causing a divide between them before Cara Maria's eventual elimination.

Eager to truly solidify her name in the game, Cara Maria joined the first installment of the Revenge Trilogy and aligned with the other veteran players. Able to win multiple challenges, she was deemed a huge threat by the other girls who actively plotted to get her out of the game. She formed a vendetta with Kailah after Kailah voted to send her to the Redemption House even though the pair were in an alliance with each other. Cara Maria won her way back into the house during the Final Redemption Challenge and earned her ticket to the final, taking home the second place prize to Camila. She returned for the second season of the trilogy with a new vendetta with Marie, as the girls were often at odds on social media, in addition to Kailah. Cara Maria set her sights on UK rookie Kyle and the two entered a relationship that lasted through the season. Once again seen as a major threat in the game, she spent much of the season dodging Grenades from her fellow players, but remained strong and reached the Final Challenge alongside Kyle. During the Final Challenge she was one of the two girls to make it to the second phase and was soon crowned the first ever individual Challenge winner. Ready to defend her title she returned for the final installment of the trilogy now partnered with Marie. Between Vendettas and Final Reckoning she and Kyle's relationship had crumbled and she was ready to pursue a new romance, now going after fresh rookie Paulie. After winning the second challenge of the season Kyle caught wind of her budding romance and took the opportunity to send Paulie to the Redemption House where he would remain for most of the season. Being targeted by the Lavender Ladies alliance and Kyle, she began to rely on her partnership with Marie and the two established a true friendship. The duo was targeted late in the game and eliminated, but won their way back from the Redemption House alongside Paulie and Natalie. Cara Maria reached her third Final Challenge in a row, alongside new beau Paulie, and received fourth place with Marie. Cara Maria is currently competing on War of the Worlds and is partnered with UK Prospect Theo. To read about Cara Maria's gameplay stats, click here.

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