October 23, 2017


Diem Brown Challenges: Fresh Meat, The Duel, The Gauntlet III, The Duel II, The Ruins, Battle of the Exes, Rivals II, Battle of the Exes II

Diem entered the series during the show's twelfth season as a newly-introduced "Fresh Meat" player and was chosen by Derrick in the draft. Together the two consistently performed well and even shared a brief romance before being eliminated before the final. During filming of the season Diem revealed that she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer to the shock of both the cast and crew members. Diem returned the next season and developed a relationship with bad boy CT that managed to continue throughout the show and in real life for many years.

Diem competed in three more Challenges before taking a short break following her fallout with CT. She returned three seasons later partnered her former flame and the two were able to continue their personal relationship. Throughout her time on the show Diem performed solidly season after season and was eliminated prior to the final on three occasions and placed second in two other. Outside of the show Diem faced three bouts of cancer despite going into remission twice and founded her own personal charity named MedGift so that patients may receive support from their loved ones while in treatment.

During the filming of her final Challenge Diem collapsed during production and was airlifted to a New York hospital where she was given an emergency surgery and it was revealed that the cancer had spread into her colon. She spent her final hours in the presence of her friends and family and passed away on November 14, 2014. Following her death Diem was honored by MTV and her cast-mates on a TV special titled "We <3 Diem" and received tribute during Battle of the Bloodlines in which one of her sisters, Faith, made a cameo appearance to demonstrate a daily challenge, as well as Invasion of the Champions. To read about Diem's gameplay stats, click here.

November 6, 2017


Ryan Knight Challenges: Battle of the Seasons (2012), Rivals II, Battle of the Exes II

Ryan, commonly known by his last name, Knight, joined the series during the show's twenty-third season as a member of Team New Orleans with former roommates Jemmye, McKenzie, and Preston. Team New Orleans did not last very long into the season due to their dysfunctional history, though Knight and Jemmye were able to outlast McKenzie and Preston. Knight used his required partnership with ex-girlfriend Jemmye to make up for his past mistakes and attempt to rekindle their past relationship, though things did not work out. The two would continue to have tension in their later appearances with each other.

Known for his frat-boy antics and goofball behavior, Knight never struggled to make his cast-mates laugh. He would typically use his humor in an attempt to always keep things lighthearted though he sometimes crossed the line, leading to numerous conflicts with Frank, Jemmye, Marlon, and other players. During his stint on the show Knight was able to develop a strong friendship with Zach as well as his former roommate Preston. Competitively Knight performed well and generally made it to a decent point in the game, though he was unable to reach a final challenge.

During Knight's final challenge he was finally able to maintain a healthier relationship with Jemmye. Despite the improvement in their relationship, the two were eliminated early in the competition and were unable to participate in the 'Battle of the Ex-iled' after Knight injured himself. Two weeks following the death of Diem, Knight had passed away after a house party on November 27, 2014. Battle of the Exes II was dedicated in Knight's memory along with Diem and he has since been remembered by Jemmye and Zach on the show. To read about Knight's gameplay stats, click here.

November 20, 2017


Darrell Taylor Challenges: The Gauntlet, The Inferno, The Inferno II, Fresh Meat, The Ruins, Fresh Meat II, Invasion of the Champions, XXX: Dirty 30

Darrell debuted on the series during the show's seventh season as a former Road Rules cast member and quickly made a name for himself. Most known for his unbeaten record of four consecutive challenge wins, Darrell is a force to be reckoned with in the game. With a competitive edge and an overall calm and collected presence, he never struggled to make it far into the game and maintain alliances that kept him in a good place. This style of gameplay even allowed him to bring entirely new player Aviv all the way to first place during the original Fresh Meat.

Darrell often dominated the challenges and rarely placed last in missions or found himself eligible for elimination. He won twice back-to-back between his first two seasons before returning to win once again after a season break, then once more again after another season break. Despite his record-breaking performances, his luck started to run out on The Ruins where he was disqualified due to punching Brad after much provocation. This negative streak carried onto the very next season where he and second Fresh Meat partner Cara Maria were immediately targeted by the majority of the house and eliminated. This loss would later be redeemed by the pair's victory in the spin-off Champs vs. Pros.

After a seven-year gap Darrell made his triumphant return during Invasion of the Champions where he proved that he still had what it takes despite being an older veteran player. After invading the competition his teammates realized that they had serious competition and Darrell was placed against and successfully eliminated two strong players in Zach and Bananas before being taken out right before the final challenge by CT. On the latest season Darrell was automatically eliminated first from the game due to Cory's power but Darrell vowed to get his revenge. To read about Darrell's gameplay stats, click here.

December 4, 2017


Nany González Challenges: Battle of the Seasons (2012), Rivals II, Free Agents, Battle of the Exes II, Battle of the Bloodlines, Rivals III

Nany debuted during the series' twenty-third season and immediately showed promise on the hybrid Las Vegas team. Though the other players would try to push her to the breaking point with one even throwing her clothes into the pool, her teammates, particularly Dustin were able to help her maintain a level head. Nany won her first ever elimination when her team was sent in against St. Thomas in elimination and successfully defeated half of their team. Nany and teammate Alton would later be eliminated by the remaining members of Team St. Thomas.

During her time on show Nany often found herself in the majority alliance with powerful allies in players such as Bananas, Camila, and former roommate Leroy. Her powerful ties and overall positive presence in the house allowed her to consistently stay under the radar and make it towards the end of the competition, even securing a second place prize on Free Agents. During her partnership with Bananas, Nany struggled to keep her composure as old feelings resurfaced and they were eliminated prematurely. They later shocked everyone with their returns after beating other teams in the Battle of the Ex-iled, though they fell short once again.

Eventually Nany was able to bring in her cousin Nicole as a partner and ally in the game. The two personalities combined would cause a rift in the relationship between herself and her former allies as well as the rookie players that wanted to make a statement, leading her to another early departure. In her final season Nany was paired with longtime rival Wes and found herself unable to trust anybody in the game, including her own cousin. After facing multiple eliminations and constantly fighting for her place in the game, she would be eliminated by her own bloodline. To read about Nany's gameplay stats, click here.

December 18, 2017


Wes Bergmann Challenges: Fresh Meat, The Duel, The Ruins, Fresh Meat II, Rivals, Battle of the Exes, Battle of the Seasons (2012), Rivals II, Battle of the Exes II, Rivals III

Wes made a name for himself from the jump when he debuted on the series' twelfth season. Wes entered The Challenge fresh off his season as part of the Austin Alliance alongside girlfriend Johanna, and fellow couple Danny and Melinda, and they were immediately targeted. Wes chose weak player Casey as his partner and the two fought an uphill battle all season. Wes eliminated managed to eliminate his entire alliance from the game and won the most eliminations in a single season, five. After finishing third, Wes returned the next season with the will to win. Though he had a notorious reputation for being a strong, arrogant player, Wes won the first ever individual season and largest cash prize available for many years before going on a short break.

Wes is most known for his intelligence and ruthless strategies in the game, and overall cocky attitude. After his short break Wes returned with Johanna has his now ex-fiancée and a house against him run mainly by arch-nemesis Kenny. Wes found himself in multiple eliminations right off the bat and was eliminated for the first time ever halfway through the season. As Wes would appear more frequently in the challenges he began to mellow out and play less aggressively, but often established alliances with rookie players he felt were easy to control and worked behind the scenes in the politics. Wes' history of shady gameplay managed to keep him from winning for five seasons before being partnered with powerhouse CT and once again taking the grand prize.

Due to the nature of his personality, Wes never found himself short of a rivalry or ex in the house. Throughout his ten season career, Wes found himself partnered with many big names from his former Austin roommates, to Kenny, CT, and Nany as rivals partners, and Fresh Meat alums Mandi and Theresa as exes partners. As of recent seasons , Wes continues to work with rookie players to get big name players out, most notably Bananas, though he has yet to fully accomplish this. He is currently competing on the current Challenge spin-off: Champs vs. Stars, playing to earn money for his charity The American Cancer Society. To read about Wes' gameplay stats, click here.

January 1, 2018


Heather Cooke Challenges: Rivals II

Heather, most commonly known by her last name, Cooke, entered the game for her first and only time on the series' twenty-fourth season. At the start of the game Cooke was partnered with former roommate and girly girl Naomi which left the national Philippine soccer player feeling disadvantaged. Before the first elimination of the season took place Naomi withdrew from the competition due to a family emergency back home. Luckily for Cooke she received a replacement partner the following challenge in the form of Cara Maria. The upgrade in the quality of Cooke's partner and Cara Maria's reputation in the game instantly planted a target on the team's back.

Cooke and Cara Maria were voted into the first female elimination of the season and effortlessly defeated Anastasia and Jessica. After avoiding participating in the second female elimination due to uneven numbers, the pair was once again thrown in at the fourth female elimination where they defeated strong team Jonna and Nany. Throughout the season Cooke struggled to keep her patience with her partner as she oftentimes performed better than her. Despite this, their relationship continued to grow and respect and trust was earned over the course of the season.

Cooke found herself as the target of Diem's aggression after she began associating more and more with CT. As Diem began to unravel through the season, the target slowly lifted off of Cooke's back and she began to be seen as a worthy competitor who deserved to be in the game. Cooke and Cara Maria won the final female challenge and instantly secured their spot in the final challenge. In the first half of the final challenge, Cooke and Cara Maria proved to be a force to be reckoned with when they finished before the other female teams. Despite their strong showing in the first half of the final, Cooke and Cara Maria ultimately placed as female runners-up of the season. To read about Cooke's gameplay stats, click here.

January 15, 2018


Abram Boise Challenges: The Gauntlet, The Inferno, Battle of the Sexes 2, The Inferno II, The Inferno 3, The Island, Cutthroat, Battle of the Exes, Battle of the Bloodlines

Wildcard Abram first entered the Challenge during the show's sixth season. From the very beginning the southerner was known for his wild and outlandish behavior as well as his explosive temper. Even though he was knocked out early in his first season, on the following one he managed to solidify his reputation as a stronger competitor and take home the final prize money with his team. Once again making his return on the following season, Abram entered a relationship with big personality Coral to the shock of some, before being voted out in the early stages of the game.

Returning once more, Abram found himself placed on the Bad Asses team and found himself in conflict with some teammates. His fiery temper continued to emerge when he got into a verbal fight with Darrell, who he was in an alliance with despite being on the opposing team in the Inferno right after his win against Brad. Despite another strong showing, Abram's team found themselves in second place during the final challenge. Taking a short break Abram made his return on the third installment of the Inferno where he was able to once again bring home the final prize. He returned two seasons later where, despite winning a key to the treasure chest, he threw his own game and convinced his castmates to send him home due to prior arrangements.

Abram participated again a few years later where he met long time girlfriend Cara Maria. The two had met while on the same team and grew interested in eachother's unique and outlandish behavior and personality. Acting as the team's leader, he and Cara Maria both managed to secure second place in the final challenge, though Abram become dehydrated and had to be medically removed midway. The couple returned partnered as "exes" though they were actively working on their rocky relationship. Allowing the pressures of their relationship to interfere with the game, they found themselves eliminated midway by rookies Ty and Emily. Following a five year hiatus, Abram was brought in as a replacement with his brother on Battle of the Bloodlines. Shortly into his return he was told that Cara Maria had been cheating on him with Thomas causing chaos to erupt in the house, ultimately leading to the couple's demise. Abram was eliminated when his brother lost in the Pit. To read about Abram's gameplay stats, click here.

January 29, 2018


Veronica Portillo Challenges: Challenge 2000, Battle of the Seasons (2002), Battle of the Sexes, The Gauntlet, The Inferno, Battle of the Sexes 2, The Inferno II, The Ruins, XXX: Dirty 30, Vendettas

Original mean girl Veronica made her first Challenge appearance during the show's third season. Starting from her very first appearance, Veronica was known for her cunning and manipulative ways and her influential presence in the house. She was able to take home her first win on her debut season with the help of her dominating team. After an impressive showing she returned two seasons later and was voted out in the first elimination as a result of Chadwick and Holly's strategy to get rid of the stronger teams. A season later Veronica returned once again and began her long-lasting relationship with Rachel. Despite being one of the stronger performers on her team, Veronica was voted off once more as a result of rival queen bee Emily's jealousy.

Veronica secured her second and third wins in the following two consecutive seasons, gaining her shared title of female competitor with the most wins. Through both seasons she managed to be one of the more influential voices on her team and was even able to convince her team to throw missions in order to dispose of the weaker players. Also gaining a close ally in Tina, Veronica essentially created her own mean girl clique consisting of herself, Rachel, and Tina. The mean girls often targeted Tonya as she had not been the most stable person in the house which would culminate in years of rivalry between the girls. Following a five year absence Veronica returned on The Ruins where she found that the Challenge environment had changed and it was an entirely different game. An explosive confrontation with Tonya resulted in Tonya slapping her and being removed from the show as a result, the hit brought on by the years of issues between the two. Despite trying to use her old tactics to remain in the game she was knocked out midway through the season.

Veronica returned once again this time following an eight year hiatus on XXX: Dirty 30. Veronica returned more mature and wiser and developed a different strategy than that she had used years before. She decided it best to keep her head low and keep few close allies. This strategy brought her much farther in the game until she felt that her voice was not heard and her new closest ally Jemmye was thrown into elimination. In a vote that was originally meant to send Hunter into the elimination, Veronica voted for Leroy, causing a tie which resulted in Leroy being sent in. After being eliminated near the finals Veronica is back once more on Vendettas for that shot to reclaim her crown. To read about Veronica's gameplay stats, click here.

February 19, 2018

Emily B.png

Emily Bailey Challenges: Extreme Challenge, Battle of the Seasons (2002), Battle of the Sexes

Infamous Emily first debuted on the challenge during the series' fourth season. During her first two appearances Emily managed to portray a very different self than she did on her final season. In her premiere appearance Emily struggled as one of the stronger performers on a weak team. She and former road-mate Christian held a reputation as the top players on their team though this would not be enough to pick up the slack of their teammates. While Emily did not bring home the handsome reward, she did meet future boyfriend James in the process.

Emily returned a season later, now partnered with road-mate and comedian Timmy. Emily continued to show promise as an athlete and she and Timmy found themselves in the Inner Circle from the very start. During the first vote off of the season Chadwick and Holly proposed that they vote off strong teams opposed to weak teams which Emily and the rest of the Inner Circle reluctantly agreed to. When time came around for the second vote off and Chadwick was dropped from the Inner Circle, Emily used the opportunity to flip the script against him and vote him off through his own strategy. For the entirety of the season Emily and Timmy remained in the Inner Circle and individually won a couple challenges. Unfortunately during the final challenge the Road Rulers were unable to push through and Emily was granted yet another finish as runner-up.

Emily returned for the final time the following season and entered the game with an entirely different attitude, demeanor, and a boyfriend in James. Instead of being the kind, more team-oriented player that she had been in past seasons, she was now cutthroat, ruthless, and vindictive. Emily found herself in the Inner Circle sporadically throughout the season and used it to her advantage, convincing fellow Inner Circle members Ellen and Ruthie to continuously vote out the strong girls such as Rachel and later Veronica, and let them take all the heat for it. Emily's reign of terror lasted until the final six of the season when James was voted off by his team. Even though she and the Inner Circle had voted off Genesis, upon hearing about James' elimination Emily declared that she was withdrawing from the game due to an emergency back home. To read about Emily's gameplay stats, click here.

March 5, 2018


Cohutta Grindstaff Challenges: The Island, The Ruins, Free Agents, Battle of the Bloodlines

Southern gentleman Cohutta made his first challenge appearance during the series' sixteenth season. In a game dominated by power players he aligned himself with ex-girlfriend KellyAnne and Evelyn. While he managed to maintain good relationships on the island and was considered a nice guy eventually he was voted off after losing in the face-off. He returned once again the following season where he was one of the strongest players on a weak team. Cohutta won twice in the Ruins defeating both Syrus and Wes, to the shock of his fellow competitors. Cohutta's impressive victories made him a target as his bank account continued to grow and he was soon eliminated by Darrell.

After a five year break Cohutta returned on Free Agents and developed an instant romantic connection with fiery Nany. Throughout the season the two maintained their connection and faced trust issues after Nany hooked up with Johnny during her fake bachelorette party. Despite this rocky issue in their relationship the two eventually made their relationship official at the reunion. Throughout the season Cohutta maintained a low profile and continued to benefit from his good guy reputation. As numbers began to dwindle in the game Cohutta eventually gained another target on his back and began to see the elimination round. Though he was able to defeat Preston he would be eliminated by Leroy in the following round.

Cohutta returned once more two seasons later and was now partnered with his equally Southern cousin Jill. Cohutta had entered the game more determined than ever to win and revealed that his Jill had postponed her wedding so that he could have a shot to take home the money. Cohutta and Jill gained power during the very first challenge after being aided by Cara Maria and KellyAnne and garnered attention from the other players in the game. In the second challenge of the season Jill was unable to stomach eating insects and landed the pair in the elimination round. Thomas was nominated as Cohutta's opponent and after Cohutta lost the two were eliminated from the game. To read about Cohutta's gameplay stats, click here.

March 19, 2018


Landon Lueck Challenges: The Inferno II, The Gauntlet 2, The Duel II, Fresh Meat II

Good guy Landon made his premiere challenge appearance on the series' eleventh tenth season. During his first run through the game Landon was selected and placed on the Good Guys team. From the very start he displayed a strong athletic performance and solidified a status as one of the vital players on his team. During the second men's Inferno Landon won the Life Saver and selected himself for the elimination, allowing Mike to return to the game and his former roommate Karamo to be sent packing. Landon once more found himself in elimination during the last men's Inferno and he was able to send Dan packing before helping his team win the final prize money.

Landon returned once more the following season and once again secured a position as one of the top males on his Rookie team. With his status of a threat and being a key member of his team Landon was able to avoid going into the Gauntlet through the entire season and once again took home the grand prize with his team. Following this he took a few years break until he returned for the The Duel II. Unsurprisingly, Landon was once again determined a force to be reckoned with and won multiple daily challenges with rookie ally Brittini. He was targeted and selected for an early Duel in which he easily sent Isaac packing. When time came around for the final men's Duel, he found himself at the bottom of the totem pole due to his nice guy reputation and lack of alliances due to desire for fairness in the game, and was sent packing for the first time by Brad.

Following a single season break Landon returned once more and selected Fresh Meat Carley as his season partner after being the last male allowed to pick. While initially hesitant on Carley's ability following her Fresh Meat combine, it soon became apparent to him that she was willing to put all of her heart and effort into the game. Worried about leaving due to a lack of alliances once more, Landon regretfully allied with Wes and Evelyn in a group against Kenny. Landon eventually realized this was a big mistake when the two alliance members sacrificed him and Carley along with Landon's good friend CJ for the Exile. Despite returning to the game Landon had still painted a target on his team and soon eliminated Evelyn as well. Landon and Carley reached the final challenge and once again took home the grand prize money. To read about Landon's gameplay stats, click here.

April 2, 2018


Evelyn Smith Challenges: Fresh Meat, The Inferno 3, The Gauntlet III, The Island, The Ruins, Fresh Meat II, Rivals

Fierce athlete Evelyn made her debut as one of the newly introduced Fresh Meat players on the series' twelfth season. Having displayed strong ability in the Fresh Meat combine, Evelyn was quickly selected by rookie player Danny as his partner. Unfortunately for Evelyn, Danny and his fellow Real World: Austin cast members had an instant target on their backs and the pair was voted into and eliminated in the first Exile. She returned two seasons later placed on the Bad Asses team and wasted no time demonstrating her impressive athleticism and quick temper. Officially being recognized as one of the stronger females in the game, Evelyn was able to avoid every Inferno and help win the final challenge.

Returning a season later, Evelyn was deemed an asset to veteran leaders Evan and Kenny who were often targeting the female players on their team in an effort to "trim the fat". Evelyn agreed with this policy and even called out Coral in the Gauntlet, though the veteran no longer wanted anything to do with her team and quit the game. Karma eventually reached the Veterans when Eric was unable to complete the final challenge, leaving the team penniless and Evelyn enraged. She returned once more and established both a long term friendship and rivalry and found herself at the bottom of the totem pole as a result. Despite having constantly been at odds with Johnny and his alliance during the season, Evelyn agreed to help them in the final challenge, securing them and herself the final prize.

The two-time champion returned once more and her team now saw her as the perfect way to eliminate her BFF and strong opposing player KellyAnne. Exhausted of the constant poor treatment by her fellow players, Evelyn became closer with longtime ally Wes which carried to the next season, allowing them to rally many players in the game against their opponents. This strategy eventually failed when Kenny's alliance prevailed and the target became too much. Evelyn returned for her final challenge after a quick break and was partnered with on-off frenemy Paula. Though the pair was sent into the first Jungle due to their reputations, they returned and dominated much of the season. In the end the pair was able to win the grand prize and Evelyn was given the title of female with the most season wins, a title only also held by Veronica. To read about Evelyn's gameplay stats, click here.

April 30, 2018


Sarah Rice Challenges: The Ruins, Fresh Meat II, Cutthroat, Rivals, Battle of the Exes, Battle of the Seasons (2012), Rivals II, Battle of the Exes II, Rivals III

Sarah made her debut challenge appearance during the series' eighteenth season. Sarah was placed on a weak Challengers team, but despite their fierce competition, she showed that she could compete with the strongest women in the game. Her good girl attitude also immediately established her reputation as one of the nicest players in the competition, though she was the target of Katie's anger in the beginning, over a plunger of all things. While her team crumbled, Sarah was able to fight through two Ruins and make it to the end of the season, placing second in the final challenge with teammate KellyAnne. Sarah returned the following season with a heightened level of confidence and selected hunky rookie Vinny as her Fresh Meat partner. With the Kenny vs. Wes rivalry at its peak, Sarah sided with the former and found herself an early casualty in the season.

Sarah returned for the following five seasons, in the first chosen to be on a team of mostly underdogs. Sarah once again found herself labeled as one of the strongest players on her team and managed to avoid elimination through the entire season, once again reaching the final challenge. Her team placed second following she and Abram collapsing midway through the race. She returned later now partnered with former roommate turned rival Katelynn. Sarah quickly grew frustrated with Katelynn lack of athleticism and her willingness to give up during the challenges. The pair found themselves in elimination halfway through the game after earning a last place finish in the challenge, and despite being overly confident that they would beat Jasmine and Jonna, Sarah and Katelynn were sent packing. Sarah returned partnered once more with Vinny as a result of their hookups on Fresh Meat II. Though the pair showed that they were a force to be reckoned with early on, Sarah was disqualified after Vinny removed Mandi's top at a nightclub. Sarah's string of bad luck turned briefly when she was partnered with former Real World roommates Chet, Devyn, and JD. The team found themselves under immediate fire when the "Rookie Revolution" was in full force and spearheaded by Frank. Sarah made her mark by hooking up with opposing team player Alton, gaining a rivalry with Trishelle in the process. Sarah and her team managed to survive a total of three eliminations before reaching the end, earning third place. Sarah's bad luck returned when she was now partnered with Trishelle, who quit following a fight with Aneesa early in the game.

Following a season break, Sarah returned with a newfound determination to win, and found it possible when she was partnered with former fling and strong player Jordan. With the Bananas and Wes rivalry receiving much of the attention, Sarah took the opportunity to cut deals with both sides, securing both as allies. Sarah and Jordan were able to win many challenges throughout the season and additionally won an elimination. In the penultimate challenge of the season Sarah found herself in a tough spot when she was given the opportunity to vote one of the remaining teams in elimination. She made one of the boldest moves in Challenge history however, and sent longtime ally Bananas into elimination, causing him to lose the game. For the first time ever Sarah was able to take home the grand prize when after she and Jordan dominated the final race. Sarah returned for her final challenge after once more taking a break and was now partnered with ex-friend Bananas. Though the two were able to crush their competition and continuously dominate, their unresolved tension and negative feelings toward each other took much of the season to resolve. In the end the pair won the final challenge, but Sarah was blindsided when Bananas was given the opportunity to keep all of the winnings to himself. To read about Sarah's gameplay stats, click here.

May 14, 2018


Jordan Wiseley Challenges: Rivals II, Free Agents, Battle of the Exes II, XXX: Dirty 30

Cocky player Jordan made his debut challenge appearance during the series' twenty-fourth season. Jordan was partnered with former Portland roommate Marlon and the two proved to be a threat to the veteran competitors. Throughout the season Jordan was able to establish that he was a force to be reckoned with despite a seemingly restricting birth defect on his hand. In addition to a strong athletic showing, he was also able to win over the hearts of veteran players Sarah and Jonna. Despite a constant target on their backs, and altercations with the other players, Jordan and Marlon were able to make proceed to the final challenge, winning two Jungle eliminations along the way. Unfortunately the pair's luck ran out during the first half of the final challenge and they were automatically declared to be third place after failing to complete their checkpoint in time.

Jordan returned the following season eager to participate in an individual format with nobody to hold him back. From the very start of the season Jordan made it clear that he had no problems fighting with other players, getting into arguments with LaToya and former roommate Jessica. He also wasted no time revealing that he was gunning for Bananas, openly rallying the other players in the game against the veteran. This season he garnered the affection of Laurel who remained impressed by his athletic ability and dominance. Midway through the season Jordan decided that it was now time to pull the trigger on Bananas, having his fellow players vote him in, and opting to volunteer for the elimination. Jordan's plan failed however, and he was eliminated. He returned once more the following season now partnered with former hookup Sarah. Following Sarah's lead and using a less abrasive strategy, Jordan and Sarah were able to keep their heads down for much of the game allying themselves with both Bananas and Wes during their conflict. After a risky game move made by Sarah, Jordan once again found himself in the final challenge, now able to take home the grand prize.

Despite taking a short break, Jordan returned once more for XXX: Dirty 30 once again excited to play in an individual season. Similar to his previous appearances he was again targeted by a majority of his fellow players due to his attitude and treatment toward others. He found himself in hot water very early in the game after very offensively dissing Jemmye during a drunken freestyle rap. The house turned on him and immediately nominated him for elimination in the Presidio against Ammo, though he quickly returned. Jordan continued to show the same athletic dominance as his previous appearances. Late in the season Jordan was automatically sent to the Redemption House after losing a challenge and being eliminated by Hunter, but he won his way back in during the final Redemption challenge. By the end of the season Jordan established a strong ally in Tori, using her as his partner for much of the final challenge, and won once again, taking home the biggest grand prize to date. He also most recently made his appearance on Vendettas where he competed as a Mercenary in the Ring against Shane. To read about Jordan's gameplay stats, click here.

June 20, 2018

Derrick KXXX.png

Derrick Kosinski Challenges: Battle of the Sexes 2, The Inferno II, The Gauntlet 2, Fresh Meat, The Duel, The Inferno 3, The Island, The Ruins, Cutthroat, XXX: Dirty 30

Challenge champion Derrick made his debut challenge appearance during the series' ninth season. Following his original Road Rules season, Derrick was doubted by his fellow teammates, primarily the older male veterans. His hot-headed and less mature attitude got him voted off early in the seen but not before demonstrating his potential in the game. He returned the following season and was placed on the Bad Asses team. Throughout the season Derrick was able to prove that he could be one of the more dominating players in the game, avoiding every Inferno during the season and reaching the final challenge, only to fall short due to his teammates' performances. Eager to actually take home the win he returned once more the following season, once again placed on a team with the veterans that had doubted him in the past. He was sent into the first Gauntlet against reigning team captain Adam, but was able to pull out the win and take over the captain's position. Derrick would continue on to defeat three more of his teammates in the Gauntlet, falling short against Timmy in the final elimination of the season.

Derrick made another consecutive appearance on Fresh Meat, where he selected rookie player Diem as his partner. While initially unaware of her medical condition, Derrick showed a great deal of support toward Diem during the season with the two briefly developing romantic feelings for each other. Even though Derrick and Diem managed to perform well throughout the season they were unable to win during the final Exile of the season and Derrick was once again eliminated right before the finale. He returned for another go during The Duel, eager to participate in an individual format. His size would prove to be a disadvantage however when he was eliminated midway through the season by Wes. Derrick's luck would finally turn in the following season where he was would serve as a replacement for CT. Once again placed on the Bad Asses team, Derrick was able to dominate on the field and show his worth for his team. He defeated Davis in the final Inferno of the season and was able to advance to the final challenge, where his team won and he finally obtained the title of Challenge champion.

Following a season break, Derrick returned to compete and quickly aligned himself with fellow dominant males Johnny and Kenny. Derrick and his alliance were quickly able to gain control over the Island and keys to advance to the final challenge without much opposition. With his neutral political standing in the game Derrick was able to coast to the finish line once more taking home the win. He returned once again after a season-long break placed on a powerhouse team of Champions and easily secured his third win without needing to once step foot in the Ruins. Ready for a fourth win Derrick returned on Cutthroat and was placed on the physically powerful Blue Team. With a well-known Challenge career, Derrick was looked up to as one of the leaders of his team. Despite a lack of wins from his team he confidently opted to go into the Gulag and eliminated reigning male player Brandon from the competition. Similar to his earlier Challenge appearances Derrick was able to coast to the end but managed to be outmuscled by Tyler in the final Gulag, leaving once again before the finale. Derrick made his triumphant return on the Challenge field after an eight-year long absence on XXX: Dirty 30. From the start he was able to prove to the other males that he continues to be a force to be reckoned with, securing a number of daily Challenge wins, staying (mostly) under the radar, and managing to eliminate Bananas in the final Presidio of the season. Derrick was able to reach another final challenge, but fell short to Jordan and earned second place. To read about Derrick's gameplay stats, click here.

July 4, 2018


Emily Schromm Challenges: Cutthroat, Battle of the Exes, Rivals II

Fitness superstar Emily made her debut challenge appearance during the series' twentieth season. On her rookie season she was placed on a physically dominant team where she was joined by bitter ex-boyfriend Ty. Respected among her team due to her strong athletic ability, Emily faced little issue with others besides Ty who was known for random and aggressive outbursts. Any possible redemption in their relationship fizzled through the season until Ty was eliminated midway, to Emily's relief. Emily also proved to be a powerful force in elimination rounds, eliminating veterans players Melinda and Paula. Despite losing the majority of the players on her team Emily and Jenn were able to compete in the final challenge, though this was difficult to win for two players alone. Regardless, they were able to leave with the third place prize.

Emily returned following a season break, motivated to win following her third place finish. Emily's confidence to win began to falter when at the beginning she was told that she would be partnered with Ty. She was fearful that Ty would lose the season for them, believing him to be too volatile and inconsistent. Early in the game the pair were nominated for the Dome which they were able to easily dominate and return, giving themselves status as a team to beat. During the season Emily grew frustrated with Ty's relationship with opposing player Paula, and joined in a controversial prank with Camila in an attempt to embarrass him. Though Emily was initially unaware of why the prank had upset Ty she soon understood and the pair was able to continue on after he decided not to quit the game. The pair was faced with two more Dome eliminations that they were also able to dominate and Emily was able to advance once more to the final challenge. The lack of experience between Emily and Ty became the pair's downfall in the final challenge and Emily once again earned a third place finish.

Even hungrier for the win, Emily returned again following another season break. This time Emily discovered that she would be partnered with rival Paula. While Paula was ecstatic to be partnered with Emily, Emily was fearful that Paula's sometimes erratic gameplay would be a weakness. Any doubt in the team's ability was instantly extinguished as the girls were able to win the first four consecutive challenges of the season. Instantly deemed a target necessary for elimination, the opposing female teams in the house would try to gain power to send home Emily and Paula, though their was little opportunity for this. Emily and Paula went on to win two more challenges during the season and never once needed to compete in the Jungle. The pair had a clear path to the final challenge where they were able to pull off the win and Emily finally gained the title of champion. Despite her absence from the game following the win, Emily competed on Champs vs. Stars (2017) where she was able to win the grand prize for her charity Girls, Inc. To read about Emily's gameplay stats, click here.

July 18, 2018


Paula Meronek Challenges: The Duel, The Inferno 3, The Gauntlet III, The Island, The Duel II, Fresh Meat II, Cutthroat, Rivals, Battle of the Exes, Rivals II

Challenge veteran Paula made her debut challenge appearance during the series' thirteenth season. At the start of the season she found herself targeted by the veterans in the house along with her other Key West roommates. Able to escape the first Duel, Paula eventually found herself singled out by her fellow competitors and chose to call out strong physical competitor Aneesa, though this would not go in her favor and she was sent packing. Paula returned the season after and was placed on the Good Guys team. Now having some experience in the game Paula was able to stay close with good friend Johnny and coast to the end. She was able to get her revenge on Aneesa, defeating her in the final Inferno, but her team fell short in the final challenge, receiving her first second place finish. Paula returned right after once again, now placed on a team of veterans and many of her closest friends in the game. Able to steamroll through the season, she was again able to slide through to the final elimination where she was chosen to compete against Katie and won. Unfortunately karma got in the way of Paula's team in the end, and she received another second place finish.

Determined to win, Paula returned for her fourth consecutive season on The Island. Protected by her friends and alliance members: Kenny and Johnny, she was able to secure a key early in the game in a face-off with the help of Dunbar, who she also began developing feelings for. Though entirely confident about her status in the game, she was backstabbed by her allies right before the final race as they chose Evelyn to ride in their boat over her. Without a fighting chance Paula received her third second place finish in a row, leaving her devastated. She returned for a fifth consecutive season with a more selfish mindset landing her in hot water early in the game. Her new attitude became her downfall when she turned her back on close friend Evan and found herself lower and lower on the totem pole, until she was eliminated for the second time by Aneesa. Deciding to take a season off, Paula returned for Fresh Meat II and selected rookie player Jeff in the draft. She showed that she was once again loyal to Kenny and outwardly stated her allegiance to his alliance. She and Jeff were targeted early in the season by the opposing alliance led by Wes and were eliminated. Returning for a seventh try, Paula was placed on the Red Team on Cutthroat but would again find herself betrayed by her allies, eliminated right before the final challenge.

Paula returned for her eighth challenge directly after, and became ecstatic when she learned she would be partnered with power player Evelyn. The duo's confidence became shaken after the first challenge when their disqualification landed them in the Jungle against Aneesa and Robin, though they won. After this the pair was able to demonstrate how much of a dominant force they could truly be, winning multiple challenges in the season and reaching, and ultimately winning the final challenge. With the victory finally under her belt, Paula returned for another shot to be partnered with ex-boyfriend Dunbar. Able to once again coast by due to her veteran status, she began hooking up with opposing player Ty which caused friction and created a rivalry between his teammate Emily. Although they were able to win one Dome elimination, Paula and Dunbar found themselves knocked out a round before the final. After taking a final season break she returned for her final shot at the challenge title where she found she would be partnered with another strong player: Emily. This time around Paula and Emily were able to avoid every single elimination in the season, win the majority of the challenges, and Paula once again took home the grand prize. To read about Paula's gameplay stats, click here.

August 1, 2018


Nelson Thomas Challenges: Rivals III, Invasion of the Champions, XXX: Dirty 30, Vendettas, Final Reckoning

Athletic player Nelson made his challenge debut during the series' twenty-eighth season. Early in the season he and former rival Amanda were brought in as a replacement team following Leroy and Averey's removal from the game. The pair immediately found themselves with targets on their backs for both being Are You the One? cast members as well as Amanda's behavior toward the majority of the house. This found them in the first Jungle of the season where they were able to show their abilities and return to the house. Despite this the target remained on their backs and they were eliminated at the following Jungle. He returned the following season read your on show his worth a worth as an Underdog. In the Shelter he was able to rally his alliance against the opposing players, win a ticket to the Oasis, and snag the heart of LaToya until her elimination. Once in the Oasis he proved to be one of the more dominating players in the game, placing himself on the veteran's radars. At the end of the season he secured a second place finish, losing by mere seconds to CT.

Pumped up by his close loss, Nelson returned for XXX: Dirty 30. He aligned himself with close friends and former teammates Cory and Hunter vowing to take out the veteran players and once again reach the end. Though Nelson was proving to be a force to be reckoned with on the field, his temper was becoming a bigger issue toward his gameplay. Midway through the season he and his allies found themselves backed into a corner, facing two back to back elimination rounds resulting in both being eliminated with the latter eliminated by Nelson himself. Now alone in the game his frustration ultimately came to a head when he got into a brief physical altercation with Derrick K. leading to his removal from the competition.

Seeking redemption Nelson returned for Vendettas, once again eager to be playing individually as well as with the support of Cory. This happiness was short lived though when both found themselves in the first Ring of the season. After an embarrassing showing, Nelson beat Cory in a sudden death round and returned to the house where he began to set his sights on Kayleigh. The two shared a brief romance that became derailed by rumors that Kayleigh hooked up with Bananas behind closed doors. Feeling heartbroken Nelson formed an alliance with Bananas' scorned lover Natalie, though she eventually turned on him as well. Despite the roadblocks in his path Nelson was able to reach the penultimate challenge of the season where he was unfortunately eliminated due to a last place finish. He can currently be seen competing on Final Reckoning partnered with his vendetta Shane. To read about Nelson's gameplay stats, click here.

August 15, 2018


Natalie Negrotti Challenges: Vendettas, Final Reckoning

Calculated strategist Natalie made her debut challenge appearance during the series' thirty-first season. In the first competition of the season she surprised everyone by being one of the first female players to reach the top of the Rock of Gibraltar. With no connections in the house besides her vendetta Victor, she began to earn the affection of power player Bananas, a move that would prove great for her gameplay. Following the first challenge, she continued to impress her opponents and found herself in multiple Troikas throughout the season. Natalie continued to compete at a consistent rate through the season but received a target on her back when her authenticity came under question.

Due to her Big Brother experience and connection to Bananas, many players believed that she was only using the relationship to further her position in the game, something she would deny constantly. Though Victor was eliminated early in the game, Natalie gained a new enemy in the form of Devin who was most questionable about her character. Her relationship with Bananas reached a bitter end when Nelson revealed to her that Bananas had hooked up with his romantic interest, Kayleigh, behind closed doors. Natalie, feeling betrayed by both Bananas and Kayleigh, informed her friends in the house of how she felt toward the situation, prompting them to throw Kayleigh's belongings over the balcony and for Kayleigh to ultimately quit the competition. Despite all of this Natalie was nearly able to reach the final before being eliminated by Kam.

Natalie returned for the current season Final Reckoning to be partnered with another Big Brother vendetta, Paulie. Natalie entered the season aiming to have a civil relationship with Bananas following the events of the previous season, though it became seemingly impossible. Once again lacking allies, and with Paulie's relationship with Cara Maria painting a target on the duo, the two found themselves in the first Armageddon of the season where they were eliminated by Kam and Kayleigh. After learning that they would receive a second chance in the game, Natalie and Paulie pulled the Double Cross and opted to compete against fellow Big Brother alumni Da'Vonne and Jozea for a chance to reenter the game. Natalie and Paulie lost once again, but are currently waiting in the Redemption House for another chance to rejoin the game. To read about Natalie's gameplay stats, click here.

October 24, 2018


Jemmye Carroll Challenges: Battle of the Seasons (2012), Rivals II, Free Agents, Battle of the Exes II, XXX: Dirty 30, Vendettas, Final Reckoning

Notorious gossip Jemmye made her debut challenge appearance during the series' twenty-third season. Finding themselves in a house full of rookies, she and her team instantly sided with Frank's alliance against the veteran players. Despite a safe position in the game, it became apparent that her team was weaker than the rest and former roommates McKenzie and Preston found themselves eliminated, leaving her alone with ex-boyfriend Knight. Though the pair was able to win a challenge by themselves, they were eliminated in the following Arena. Jemmye returned the following season and was partnered with hothead Camila, who she had previously gotten into heated arguments with. The two struggled to achieve a team balance without arguing until midway through the season where they were thrown into elimination and forced to come together. With a decent social standing in the house, Jemmye and Camila were able to reach the Final Challenge, before being eliminated in the first half and receiving third place by default. Jemmye returned once more the following season, eager to compete as an individual, but was sent home in the first elimination by LaToya.

Ready for another challenge Jemmye returned yet again the next season and once again found herself partnered with ex-boyfriend Knight. While the pair maintained a stronger social standing in the house than some of the other exes, poor performances in the challenges lead them into an early Dome elimination and they were defeated by underdog team Adam and Brittany. The two were informed by TJ that they would be given an opportunity to return to the competition through the Battle of the Ex-iled, but the two were unable to compete after Knight sustained injuries in their previous elimination. After a three season break following Knight's passing, Jemmye took part in XXX: Dirty 30, once again ready to compete alone and get her own hands dirty. She proved that she could once again be the ruthless player that she'd been in the past, throwing Jenna into elimination against best friend Kailah after the former saved Jemmye from being eliminated in the first challenge. Through the season Jemmye formed a strong friendship with veteran player Veronica and was nearly able to reach the end, but she was eliminated by former partner Camila in the Presidio.

Jemmye competed again on Vendettas as a solo player and again found herself allied with the main alliance in the house. With a stronger social game than ever and increasingly better challenge performances she found herself in a great spot in the game. When news broke in the house that Bananas and Kayleigh hooked up early in the game, Jemmye took it upon herself to throw Kayleigh's belongings over the house staircase in support of Natalie and Nelson, which resulted in a verbal warning from TJ. For the first time in a season Jemmye managed to avoid every single Ring elimination, though she was eliminated through a last place finish near yet another final. Most recently she competed on Final Reckoning with Jenna, but they were unable to make it past the first challenge and were permanently eliminated from the game through the Double Cross. To read about Jemmye's gameplay stats, click here.

December 26, 2018


Chris "CT" Tamburello Challenges: The Inferno, The Inferno II, The Duel, The Inferno 3, The Gauntlet III, The Duel II, Rivals, Battle of the Exes, Rivals II, Free Agents, Battle of the Exes II, Invasion of the Champions, XXX: Dirty 30, Final Reckoning

Legendary player CT made his debut Challenge appearance during the series' eighth season. Placed on the weaker team of the season, CT quickly proved to be a powerful asset, utilizing his dominating athletic ability and competitive attitude to win multiple challenges and Aztec LifeSavers. He also showed to be a loyal friend and teammate, using one of his own LifeSavers to take childhood friend David out of the Inferno to compete in his place. CT won the Inferno against Shane and reached the Final Challenge, but his team fell short and received second place. CT returned for the second installment of The Inferno and was placed on the Bad Asses team, again winning nearly every Life Shield of the season. He managed to again dominate and even avoid elimination, but his team fell short once again and lost another Final Challenge. Following a season break CT returned for the first individual Challenge and started up a long-lasting on-and-off relationship with Challenge sweetheart Diem. He again showed out to be one of the strongest players on the field, while also showing emotional support to Diem over her battle with cancer. Despite nearly reaching his third Final Challenge in a row, CT lost the final male Duel against Brad over a technicality. CT was invited back for the third and final installment of The Inferno, but was sent home before any challenges took place after drunkenly punching Davis.

CT returned the following season and was placed on a stacked Veteran team, where he wasted no time joining fellow alpha players Kenny and Evan in making big decisions for the team. CT and the other males on the team opted to use the "trim the fat" gameplay method, throwing challenges in order to eliminate the female players from their team. During the season CT was most notable for his relationship with Diem reaching its boiling point and his ongoing rivalry with former Real World roommate Adam. Despite reaching another Final Challenge, CT's team lost on a technicality after Eric collapsed and was unable to reach the finish line. CT returned after a season off, now broken up with Diem, and immediately attracted drama after hooking up with Shauvon on the first night in the house. Adam spread the information to Diem, leading to a furious CT erupting, attacking, and chasing Adam around the house, and both players being disqualified. Although he made a brief appearance as a heavy hitter on Cutthroat, CT made his true return on Rivals where he was partnered with Adam. With an increasingly notorious reputation, CT and Adam were the biggest targets in the house for much of the season, with Kenny, Evan, and Johnny often scheming to get them out, with little success. CT showed that he was still able to politic with the ladies in the house, hooking up with both Mandi and Laurel to secure votes for his team. CT and Adam reached the final male Jungle of the season, but lost after Adam gassed out during the competition. Hungry for a win, CT returned the following season now partnered with Diem. Seeing an opportunity to rekindle their fractured relationship, he put forth effort to get back into Diem's good graces. The two were able to regain their lost spark and performed increasingly better through the season, winning the final two challenges and avoiding every elimination. Though he had now reached his fourth Final Challenge, CT and Diem lost after CT gassed out in the final push.

Making his ninth challenge comeback on Rivals II, CT was more ready than ever for victory. CT received a strong physical and social partner in Wes, and the two dominated much of the challenges for the males. Despite being at constant odds with Johnny throughout the season, and his rekindled relationship with Diem steadily crumbling because of his hookups with the female players in the house, CT and Wes reached the Final Challenge and he finally achieved first place. CT had another strong showing on Free Agents, but lost the final elimination against longtime rival Bananas. He and Diem returned for their second chance to win as a pair for Battle of the Exes II, but left early in the season after Diem became severely ill and needed to be transported to a hospital. After Diem's eventual passing, CT took a brief break from the Challenges, only making a minor appearance during Battle of the Bloodlines to honor Diem. He made another triumphant return three seasons later, invading the game with his fellow champions, and achieving a second win despite recently becoming a father. CT most recently competed in the first and third installments of the Challenge trilogy, earning third place in the former but losing early with Veronica in the latter. To read about CT's gameplay stats, click here.

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