Sam McGinn
Challenger Profile
Original Series RW: San Diego (2011)
Born November 28, 1989 (1989-11-28) (age 29)
Hometown Chesapeake, Virginia
Challenge Career
Seasons Battle of the Seasons (2012) (won)
Challenge Wins 4
Eliminations 2 (2 wins)
Money Won $62,500
Social Media
Twitter SamIAmMTV
Instagram samrw26


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Everything has turned upside down since the last time we saw Team San Diego. Blonde bombshell Ashley and muscle jock Zach were inseparable lovers during their season, but after a sour breakup, Zach confesses, "Ashley ripped my heart out, put it in a blender and served it to me for breakfast." But how will Ashley react when Zach hooks up with another girl in the house? Hothead Frank enters the game hell-bent on leading his team, but Zach has other ideas. These two alpha males hated each other during their season, but arrive at Battle of the Seasons hoping to change that, as Frank admits, "The thing that means the most to me is being able to cross the finish line with Zach. I wouldn't want to cross the finish line with anybody else." Frank and Zach may be friends for now, but will the pressures of the game reignite their past hatred? Rounding out the team is Sam, the least athletic and most politically inept teammate, who is out to prove to her team that she is a worthy asset. Will San Diego be able to start fresh and compete with a clean slate? Or will their toxic past rise up and destroy their chances of winning?

Battle of the Seasons (2012)

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Don't Cross Me SAFE
2 Oil Change WIN
3 Hook, Line and Sinker SAFE
4/5 Don't Weigh Me Down SAFE
5 Chairman of the Board WIN
6 Insane Games SAFE
7 Logged Out ARENA
8 Hunger Games ARENA
9 Abandon Ship WIN
10 Force Field WIN
11 Sling Shot SAFE
12 Final Challenge WINNER

Money Won: $62,500

Elimination History

Episode Arena Partner Opponents Result
7 Water Torture WIN
8 Hall Brawl WIN