Road Rules: Semester at Sea
Semester at Sea
Challenge Debut Challenge 2000
Cast Members Ayanna Mackins
Pawel Litwinski
Pua Medeiros
Shawn Sealy
Veronica Portillo (won)
Yes Duffy (won)
Game Summary
Eliminations 4 (2 wins, 2 losses)
Money Won $94,229


The Inferno II

Episode Inferno Player Opponent Result
8 That's a Wrap Veronica Jodi WIN

The Ruins

Episode Ruins Player Opponent Result
6 Hog Tie Veronica KellyAnne OUT

XXX: Dirty 30

Episode Presidio Player Opponent Result
12 Web of Lies Veronica Aneesa WIN


Episode Ring Player Opponent Result
7/8 Crazy 8 Veronica Aneesa OUT
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