Road Rules: All Stars
Season Information
Season No. 1
Location Road trip
Season Run June 1 – June 29, 1998
No. of Episodes 5
Host Puck Rainey
Prize Money Trip for two to Costa Rica
Winners Cynthia Roberts
Eric Nies
Jon Brennan
Rachel Campos
Sean Duffy
Season Chronology
Next Real World/Road Rules Challenge
Road Rules: All Stars is the first season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. It premiered on June 1, 1998 and concluded on June 29, 1998. Instead of players competing, this season simply featured alumni from The Real World going on a trip in an RV similar to a season of Road Rules.


All-Star contestants
Contestant Finish
Cynthia Roberts
RW: Miami
in Fresh Squeezed Creative Juices
Eric Nies
RW: New York
Jon Brennan
RW: Los Angeles
Rachel Campos
RW: San Francisco
Sean Duffy
RW: Boston

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