Rianna Polin
Challenger Profile
Original Series Battle of the Bloodlines
Born May 18, 1991 (1991-05-18) (age 28)
Challenge Career
Seasons Battle of the Bloodlines
Challenge Wins 6
Social Media
Twitter riannavalentine
Instagram riannavalentine
Rianna Polin was the Bloodline of Aneesa Ferreira. She competed on Battle of the Bloodlines.


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No matter how hard she tries, drama-magnet Aneesa always gets pulled into the emotional crossfire. Returning to the Challenge after several close brushes with victory, Aneesa brings along her live-wire cousin, Rianna, hoping she can help guide her safely through the precarious minefield of Challenge politics and focused on the competition. Aneesa emphasizes, "We need to take care of each other here and we need to lay as low as possible; we don't need any unnecessary drama or targets on our backs. If somebody messes with her, I'll handle it." However, Aneesa breaks her own rules when she catches feelings for a rookie, while Rianna snuggles up with a challenger of her own. Torn between siding with her fellow veterans and indulging in some rookie nookie, Aneesa finds herself once again at the epicenter of explosive drama that she'll need her and Rianna to settle fast.

Battle of the Bloodlines

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Water Battle SAFE
2 Family Dinner SAFE
3/4 Meet Me Halfway Red Team WIN
4/5 Air to the Throne WIN
6 Family Connection WIN
7 Hand Me Down WIN
8 Too Clingy WIN
9 Air Pockets WIN
10 Weight For Me SAFE
11 Truck Crossing OUT
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Medically Disqualified
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