Revenge Is a Dish Best Not Serve
Episode Information
Season Rivals II
Episode No. 6
Air Date August 14, 2013
Viewers (in millions) 1.34
Episode Chronology
Previous What the Phuket?!
Next Crossing Jordan
Revenge is a Dish Best Not Serve is the sixth episode of The Challenge: Rivals II.


In tonight’s challenge, competitors are forced to reveal their true feelings about each other, creating tension amongst the contestants. One team backstabs another, leading the whole house to wonder if they’re trustworthy.


Location: Phuket, Thailand
Challenge: Frenemies
This challenge will be played in male and female heats. One player chosen from each team will be asked a series of questions by TJ and then suspended in a harness 30 feet above the water. TJ will then ask their teammate a the same questions. If a player's answer matches their teammate's, that team may continue to the next round. If a player's answer does not match their teammate's however, that team will earn a strike and once a team receives two strikes, the harnessed player will be dropped into the water and that team will be eliminated from the challenge. The male team to remain the longest will win $1,000 to split between them while the female team to last the longest will be safe from the Jungle. The first female team to fall into the water will be sent straight to the Jungle.

Winners Last Place
Male Female
LeroyRivals2Icon TyRivals2Icon
Leroy & Ty
EmilyRivals2Icon PaulaRivals2Icon
Emily & Paula
CamilaRivals2Icon JemmyeRivals2Icon
Camila & Jemmye


Men's vote:

Male Team Vote Male Team Vote
CTRivals2Icon WesRivals2Icon
CT & Wes
JasmineRivals2Icon TheresaRivals2Icon
Jasmine & Theresa
FrankRivals2Icon JohnnyRivals2Icon
Frank & Johnny
CaraMariaExesIcon CookeRivals2Icon
Cara Maria & Cooke
JordanRivals2Icon MarlonRivals2Icon
Jordan & Marlon
JasmineRivals2Icon TheresaRivals2Icon
Jasmine & Theresa
KnightRivals2Icon PrestonRivals2Icon
Knight & Preston
JonnaRivals2Icon NanyRivals2Icon
Jonna & Nany
LeroyRivals2Icon TyRivals2Icon
Leroy & Ty
AneesaRivals2Icon DiemRivals2Icon
Aneesa & Diem


Jungle: Catch-22
Players will start standing on treadmills facing across from each other. On TJ's signal the treadmills will turn on and players must run while throwing twenty-two balls to their teammate who will attempt to catch it and deposit it into their barrel. Treadmills will gradually speed up as the round continues and if a player falls off the round is over. The team to deposit the most balls into their barrels will win the round and the first team to win two out of three rounds will return to the game. The losing team will be eliminated.

Winners Eliminated
CamilaRivals2Icon JemmyeRivals2Icon
Camila & Jemmye
JasmineRivals2Icon TheresaRivals2Icon
Jasmine & Theresa

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