Red Team (Cutthroat)
Red Team
Challenge Season Cutthroat
Team Members Brad Fiorenza
Brandon Nelson
Camila Nakagawa (captain)
Chet Cannon
Dunbar Merrill
Mandi Moyer
Melinda Stolp
Paula Meronek
Tori Fiorenza
Tyler Duckworth
Game Summary
Eliminations 14 (9 wins, 5 losses)
Money Won $160,000
The Red Team is one of the three teams that competed on Cutthroat. They ultimately won the final challenge after the Grey Team fell behind.


Episode Gulag Player Opponent Result
1 Handcuffs Brandon Derek WIN
Camila Emilee WIN
2 Back Up Off Me Brandon JD WIN
Mandi Cara Maria OUT
5 Pole Me Over Brandon Ty WIN
Camila Katie WIN
6 Handcuffs Melinda Emily OUT
Brandon Derrick OUT
7 Die Hard Dunbar Dan WIN
Camila Laurel OUT
8/9 Back Up Off Me Tori Theresa WIN
Tyler Johnny WIN
9/10 Pole Me Over Tyler Derrick WIN
Paula Emily OUT