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Extreme Challenge is the 4th season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. It premiered on January 9, 2001 and concluded with the reunion special on May 22, 2001.


Extreme Challenge is the first season that adorned the show with a subtitle, the series having begun a new trend of titling each season based on its format and theme. To date, it's also the only season in which the season title alters the show title, through the insertion of "Extreme" between "Real World/Road Rules" and "Challenge."

Extreme Challenge consisted of the third and final six-on-six Challenge. The casts were split up into two different six-person teams, one representing The Real World and the other representing Road Rules. The teams traveled via tour bus in the eastern U.S. and Europe competing in different individual challenges. Each time a team won an individual challenge, money would be added to a team bank account. The last mission would be for the right to keep the money collected in the pot, an additional cash prize, and a car.


Real World
Player Original Season
Dan Renzi Miami
Jamie Murray New Orleans
Julie Stoffer New Orleans
Kameelah Phillips Boston
Rebecca Lord Seattle
Syrus Yarbrough Boston
Road Rules
Player Original Season
Ayanna Mackins Semester at Sea
Christian Breivik USA – The Second Adventure
Emily Bailey USA – The Second Adventure
James Orlando Maximum Velocity Tour
Laterrian Wallace Maximum Velocity Tour
Michelle Parma Europe
Susie Meister Down Under

Note: In episode 6, Ayanna was disqualified for physically attacked Christian and was replaced by Susie.

Game summary

Episode Mission Outcome Mission MVP Wheel Of Good Stuff
# Challenge Winner Loser
1 Ring of Fire Real World Road Rules
Rope Courses Road Rules Real World
2 Blimp Water Skiing Real World Road Rules Julie Jeep
3 Fisherman's Wharf Real World Road Rules Kameelah Fujifilm
4 No Laughing Matter Real World Road Rules Syrus "Gimme Your Stuff"
5 Rollerball Resurrection Road Rules Real World Christian Dreamcast
7 Wrestling with the Past Road Rules Real World James Auto Video Products
9 Sub-Standard Real World Road Rules Syrus Sea-Doo Watercraft
10 Bring It On Road Rules Real World Emily "Gimme Your Stuff"
11 Breath-Taking Road Rules Real World Christian Dreamcast
12 Tough Guy Real World Road Rules Dan iOmega MP3
13 Defying Gravity Real World Road Rules Rebecca Palm Pilot
14 Famous Couples Fashion Show Real World Road Rules Jamie "Gimme Your Stuff"
15 Medi-Evil Real World Road Rules Julie Buell Blast Motorcycle
15/16 Operation Human Shield Real World Road Rules
16 Toyota Motosports Real World Road Rules
17 Race to the Finish Real World Road Rules

Mini Challenges

Episode Mission Outcome Prize
# Challenge Winners Losers
8 Human Foosball Yellow Team Black Team $6,000

Final Results

  • Real World won the final challenge, winning brand new Toyota Celicas. They earned $110,000 with each team member receiving $18,333. For winning the "Human Foosball" mini-challenge, Dan, Julie, and Rebecca received an additional $1,000 for a total of $19,333.
  • Road Rules lost the final challenge, therefore losing their entire bank. For winning the "Human Foosball" mini-challenge, Christian, Emily, and James received an additional $1,000.

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