Real World/Road Rules Challenge
Season Information
Season No. 2
Location Road trip
Season Run November 9 – December 14, 1999
No. of Episodes 6
Host David Edwards
Prize Money $50,000
Winners Road Rules
Anne Wharton
Kalle Dedolph
Kefla Hare
Mark Long
Noah Rickun
Roni Martin
Season Chronology
Previous Road Rules: All Stars
Next Challenge 2000
Real World/Road Rules Challenge is the 2nd season of the show. It premiered on November 9, 1999 and concluded on December 14, 1999. This season marked the first time in which contestants from The Real World and Road Rules would be competing against each other.


Real World
Player Original Season
Beth Stolarczyk Los Angeles
Janet Choi Seattle
Jason Cornwell Boston
Montana McGlynn Boston
Nathan Blackburn Seattle
Neil Forrester London
Road Rules
Player Original Season
Anne Wharton Northern Trail
Kalle Dedolph Islands
Kefla Hare Down Under
Mark Long First Adventure
Noah Rickun Northern Trail
Roni Martin Northern Trail

Game summary

Episode Mission Outcome
# Challenge Winners Losers
1 Roller Derby Road Rules Real World
2 Bed Race Road Rules Real World
3 Bungee Jump Road Rules Real World
4 Las Vegas Talent Show Real World Road Rules
5 Boot Camp Road Rules Real World
6 Handsome Reward Road Rules Real World

Mini Challenges

Episode Mission Outcome Prize
# Challenge Winners Losers
1 Golden Dollar Real World Road Rules Limo ride
Teddy Bear Steal Real World Road Rules $3,000

Final Result

  • Road Rules won the final challenge, earning a total of $39,680, with each team member receiving $6,613.
  • Real World lost the final challenge, earning $10,240, while also winning an additional $3,000 in the "Teddy Bear Steal" mini-challenge, for a total bank of $13,240, with each team member receiving $2,206.

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