Episode Information
Season Rivals II
Episode No. 4
Air Date July 31, 2013
Viewers (in millions) 1.78
Episode Chronology
Previous The Dark Knight Rises
Next What the Phuket?!
Mortuusequusphobia is the fourth episode of The Challenge: Rivals II.


When one competitor’s ex starts flirting with another challenger, he gets jealous and throws her biggest phobia, ketchup, in her face, leading to an epic meltdown. The contestants face the most dangerous elimination ever.


Location: Phuket, Thailand
Challenge: Stumped
Teams will begin tied together to a 25 foot bamboo pole by their wrists. On TJ's signal they must then navigate a narrow bamboo maze while also carrying their pole as quickly as possible. The male team to navigate the maze the fastest will win $1,000 to split between them while the fastest female team will be safe from the Jungle. The slowest female team will be sent straight to the Jungle. There will be a 20 minute time limit for each team to complete the challenge.

Winners Last Place
Male Female
JordanRivals2Icon MarlonRivals2Icon
Jordan & Marlon
EmilyRivals2Icon PaulaRivals2Icon
Emily & Paula
JasmineRivals2Icon TheresaRivals2Icon
Jasmine & Theresa


Men's vote:

Male Team Vote Male Team Vote
CTRivals2Icon WesRivals2Icon
CT & Wes
CaraMariaExesIcon CookeRivals2Icon
Cara Maria & Cooke
FrankRivals2Icon JohnnyRivals2Icon
Frank & Johnny
CaraMariaExesIcon CookeRivals2Icon
Cara Maria & Cooke
JordanRivals2Icon MarlonRivals2Icon
Jordan & Marlon
CaraMariaExesIcon CookeRivals2Icon
Cara Maria & Cooke
KnightRivals2Icon PrestonRivals2Icon
Knight & Preston
CaraMariaExesIcon CookeRivals2Icon
Cara Maria & Cooke
LeroyRivals2Icon TyRivals2Icon
Leroy & Ty
JonnaRivals2Icon NanyRivals2Icon
Jonna & Nany
TreyRivals2Icon ZachRivals2Icon
Trey & Zach
CaraMariaExesIcon CookeRivals2Icon
Cara Maria & Cooke


Jungle: Who Can Take It?
To begin one player from each team will be strapped to a metal gurney in the center of the Jungle. TJ will then push a button releasing 400,000 megawatts of electricity to the gurneys which will shock the players. The player to outlast their opponent and remain on the gurney longer will win the round for their team. The elimination will be played in three rounds and the first team to win two rounds will win and return to the game. The losing team will be eliminated. After explaining the rules of the elimination TJ announced that nobody would actually be participating and that no team would be eliminated, likely due to Sarah and Trishelle's early departure from the game.

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