Liv Jawando
Challenger Profile
Original Series Shipwrecked: Battle of
the Islands
Born April 14, 1999 (1999-04-14) (age 21)
Hometown Manchester, England
Challenge Career
Seasons Double Agents
Daily Wins 0
Social Media
Twitter livleilani
Instagram livleilani

Olivia Leilani "Liv" Jawando is a contestant from Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands (2019). She competed on Double Agents.


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Double Agents

A self-described loudmouth, Liv is sure to stir up plenty of drama her rookie season. This British Shipwrecked star is unafraid to tell it like it is and willing to get in the face of just about anyone who sets her off. Of course, Liv's competitive intensity and admitted lack of sportsmanship could wind up rubbing plenty of fellow agents the wrong way, and she may find herself with a target on her back early on. Having faced plenty of adversity in her life, Liv is more than capable of fighting when her back is against the wall. Ultimately, she is dead set on winning The Challenge as a "screw you" to all of her doubters and has the grit and determination to claw her way to the very top.

Double Agents

Challenge History

Episode Mission Partner Result
1 Decryption SAFE
2 Ice Spy SAFE
3 Road Kill SAFE


  • Liv hurt her arm during the "Road Kill" challenge. Her status in the game was left unknown until prior to the "Drone Control" challenge where it was revealed that Liv was medically disqualified.


  • Liv is the first contestant to compete on The Challenge that was born after the series first premiered.
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