Let Sleeping Dogs Wake
Episode Information
Season Rivals III
Episode No. 9
Air Date June 29, 2016
Viewers (in millions) 0.84
Episode Chronology
Previous Stand by Me
Next Digging Your Own Grave

Let Sleeping Dogs Wake is the ninth episode of The Challenge: Rivals III.


Sleep deprived and mentally broken, the house begins to divide as teams band together to plot against others.


Location: Huatulco, Mexico
Challenge: Up All Night
Teams must stand on various-sized boxes throughout the night and step onto a smaller box at the sound of an air horn. The teams must stay awake all night long and pay attention to the various distractions throughout the night. In the morning the teams will then solve a puzzle involving the sequence of events of the various distractions. The team to solve their puzzle first will win $1,000 each, a day trip, and the ability to nominate two teams for The Jungle while the team to solve their puzzle last will automatically be sent to The Jungle.

Power Team Last Place
BananasRivals3Icon SarahRivals3Icon
Bananas & Sarah
WesRivals3Icon NanyRivals3Icon
Wes & Nany


Winner's choice:

Power Team Vote
1st Vote 2nd Vote
BananasRivals3Icon SarahRivals3Icon
Bananas & Sarah

DevinRivals3Icon CheyenneRivals3Icon
Devin & Cheyenne
JamieRivals3Icon KellyAnneRivals3Icon
Jamie & KellyAnne


Skull Draw:

Skull draw Jungle Team
White skull pick Black skull pick
JamieRivals3Icon KellyAnneRivals3Icon
Jamie & KellyAnne

Jungle: Hear Me Out
Teams will compete in male and female rounds while blindfolded. Players will start on opposite ends of the arena with a ball in the middle. On TJ's signal, players must communicate with their non-participating partner in order to retrieve the ball and score in their goal. Once a team scores the participants will switch. The first team to score two points will win.

Winners Eliminated
WesRivals3Icon NanyRivals3Icon
Wes & Nany
JamieRivals3Icon KellyAnneRivals3Icon
Jamie & KellyAnne

Sneak Peeks

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