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Jozea Flores is a contestant from Big Brother 18. He competed on Champs vs. Stars 2 and Final Reckoning.


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Champs vs. Stars 2

After his run on Big Brother 18, Jozea is no stranger to manipulating the game and its players. This model, makeup artist, and self-proclaimed "messiah" is known for speaking his mind and leaving it all on the table. But aside from the politics, he is also an athlete at heart with a passion for yoga and extreme hiking. And with former Vendettas Challenger Natalie as his BFF, it is certain that Jozea will have some tricks up his sleeve to ensure he stays in the game as long as possible. The charity he'll be playing for is Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.

Final Reckoning

Jozea would claim that on Big Brother, Da'Vonne orchestrated his eviction from the game because of a miscommunication, when he actually wanted her to get to the end. However, Da'Vonne insists that she was protecting herself by striking first. Either way, both of them are outspoken, loud and manipulative, and will somehow have to figure out how to bury the hatchet if they’re gonna survive this brutal and unpredictable game.

Champs vs. Stars 2

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Stair Down Red Team SAFE
2 Over the Edge SAFE
3 Release the Rainbow SAFE
4 Face Off SAFE
5 Jumbo Table Hockey SAFE
6 Cross Fire SAFE
7/8 Go Deep OUT

Elimination History

Episode Arena Partner Opponents Result
8 Flip Cup OUT


  • Jozea raised $950 for Juvenile Diabetes from his individual bank account.

Final Reckoning

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Opening Challenge OUT
5 Shark Bait SAFE
6/7 Off the Rails SAFE
7/8 Dig Deep SAFE
8/9 Don't Push Me Around OUT
10/11 Dunking for Dinner SAFE
11/12 Sky Bridge SAFE
12/13 Caged In OUT

Elimination History

Episode Armageddon Partner Opponents Result
9 Think Tank DaVonneFRIcon.png
13 Shake It Off OUT

Redemption History

Episode Apocalypse Partner Opponents Result
4 Balls to the Wall WIN
10 Pyramid Schemers WIN
15 That's the Ticket Not Selected OUT



  • Jozea, Camila Nakagawa, and Lolo Jones are the only contestants to debut on a Challenge spinoff before competing on a Challenge season.
  • Jozea and Da'Vonne Rogers are the only contestants to return to the game twice through the Redemption House.
    • He and Da'Vonne are also the only contestants to be eliminated three times in a single season.

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