Jon Brennan
Challenger Profile
Original Series The Real World: Los Angeles
Born July 30, 1974 (1974-07-30) (age 45)
Hometown Owensboro, Kentucky
Challenge Career
Seasons Road Rules: All Stars (won)
Battle of the Seasons (2002)
The Inferno II
Challenge Wins 0
Eliminations 1 (1 loss)
Social Media
Twitter jonbrennan_com
Instagram jonbrennan_com
Jon Brennan was a contestant from The Real World: Los Angeles. He was a winner of Road Rules: All Stars. He also competed on Battle of the Seasons (2002) and The Inferno II.


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Battle of the Seasons (2002)

Best Known For: Singing "Boot Scoot Boogie" and always wearing a cowboy hat.

Outlook: Everybody likes Jon, but everybody might not like what he has to say. Once the pleasantries are over can he survive with his more conservative views?

Previous Record: (Out of 5 stars)

Crying: *

Fighting: ***

Hooking Up: *

Athletic Ability: **

(Ratings are based on previous seasons and are relative to other RW/RR cast members.)

The Inferno II

The Good: This boot-scootin' country boy doesn't drink and is saving himself for marriage--he's definitely on the right team. He volunteers with Kentucky's Mentor Kids program and enjoys participating in his local church.

The Bad: Jon didn't make it past the first episode in Battle of the Seasons. Hopefully he'll stay longer this time.

The Ugly: He may have to take off his cowboy hat temporarily for the missions.

Road Rules: All Stars

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Result
1 Prove Existence of Ghosts Completed
2 Sheep Shearing/Cow Milking Completed
Fly By Wire Completed
3 Zorbing Completed
4 Urban Rap Completed
Hot Dog on a Stick Completed
Cook Off Completed
5 Improv Performers Completed
Record a Song Completed

Battle of the Seasons (2002)

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Hang Man Beth OUT

The Inferno II

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Team Result
1 Surf Torture Good Guys SAFE
2 Juice It Up OUT

Elimination History

Episode Inferno Opponent Result
2 Hang Tough Dan OUT

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