James Orlando
Challenger Profile
Original Series RR: Maximum Velocity Tour
Hometown Loomis, California
Challenge Career
Seasons Extreme Challenge
Battle of the Sexes
Challenge Wins 15
Money Won $1,000
Social Media
No Social Media
James Orlando was a contestant from Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour. He competed on the Extreme Challenge and Battle of the Sexes.


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Extreme Challenge

Likes: Rugby and winning.

Dislikes: Losing and Uncool Chicks.

Last Seen: Getting married on Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour.

Competition Philosophy: Go big or go home.

Extreme Challenge

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Team Result
1/2 Ring of Fire Road Rules LOSE
Rope Courses WIN
Blimp Water Skiing LOSE
3 Fisherman's Wharf LOSE
4 No Laughing Matter LOSE
5 Rollerball Resurrection WIN
7 Wrestling With the Past WIN
8 Human Foosball Yellow Team WIN
9 Sub-Standard Road Rules LOSE
10 Bring It On WIN
11 Breath-Taking WIN
12 Tough Guy LOSE
13 Defying Gravity LOSE
14 Famous Couples Fashion Show LOSE
15 Medi-Evil LOSE
15/16 Operation Human Shield LOSE
17 Toyota Motorsports LOSE
Race to the Finish LOSER

Money Won: $1,000

Battle of the Sexes

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Team Result
1/2 Sergeant Says Men SAFE
3 Dead Man's Drop SAFE
4 Tree House SAFE
5 Breath-Hold Bungee WIN
7 Seven Rings of Saturn SAFE
8 Freeze Your Butt Off SAFE
9 People Mover SAFE
10 Battle of the Opposite Sexes SAFE
11 Leaky River SAFE
12 Stairway to Heaven SAFE
13 Collision Course WIN
14 Spider Mon SAFE
15 Human Aquarium OUT
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