Ibis Nieves
Challenger Profile
Original Series RR: X-Treme
Born July 16, 1984 (1984-07-16) (age 34)
Hometown Weston, Florida
Challenge Career
Seasons Battle of the Sexes 2
The Gauntlet 2 (won)
The Ruins
Eliminations 1 (1 loss)
Money Won $26,666
Social Media
Twitter IbisDelMar
Instagram ibisdelmar


Battle of the Sexes 2

Episode Challenge Team Result
1/2 Dangle Drop Women SAFE
3 Snake Pit Poker SAFE
4 Melt With You SAFE
5 Bombs Away SAFE
6 Junk Boat SAFE
7 High Noon SAFE
8 Fill 'Er Up SAFE
9 Sa Wing SAFE
10 Electro Shock SAFE
11 Pop Culture Bike Jump SAFE
12 The Shredder OUT

The Gauntlet 2

Episode Challenge Team Result
1 Royal Rumble Rookies SAFE
2 Chock Full o' Coconuts WIN
3 Team Builders SAFE
4 Moving Pyramid SAFE
5 Spongeworthy WIN
6 Body Painters SAFE
7 Rickshaw Races WIN
8 Team Strength WIN
9 Balancing Act WIN
10 Buck-A-Neer WIN
11 Pull Me SAFE
12 Spare Tires SAFE
13 Easy Does It WIN
14 The Pit WIN
15 Blind Trust SAFE
16/17 Piece by Piece WIN
17 Bet Your Booty WINNER

Money Won: $26,666

The Ruins

Bio: Road Rules veteran Ibis has been focusing on her education and recently earned her Masters degree. This smarty pants may rule the classroom, but it has been a while since she has been on a Challenge. As a part of the winning Rookies team from The Gauntlet 2, Ibis proved to be a versatile competitor who could get the job done. Cheerful and easy-going, Ibis is looking forward to seeing her old friends, making new ones and showing everyone that she can be a valuable asset to her team. Can this trustworthy player make it to the end of The Ruins in Thailand?

Episode Challenge Team Result
1 Chain Gang Champions SAFE
2 Swing On By SAFE
3 Repo Race SAFE
4 Burning Bridge SAFE
5 Block Party OUT


The Ruins

Episode Ruins Opponent Result
5 Spool OUT