I'm Going Home
Episode Information
Season Rivals III
Episode No. 4
Air Date May 25, 2016
Viewers (in millions) 0.84
Episode Chronology
Previous The Replacements
Next Where the Ratchet Things Are

I'm Going Home is the fourth episode of The Challenge: Rivals III.


TJ throws competitors a fiesta where a dirty rumor threatens to turn friends into enemies.


Location: Huatulco, Mexico
Challenge: Out on a Limb
Pairs will navigate a structure 30 feet above the water using a series of swinging bars. Players will start on one platform and must grab a bar, swinging out like a door until they reach the second platform. Players must repeat this process as the platforms get increasingly more difficult to land on. After pairs reach the final platform they must jump off and ring the bell. The team with the fastest time will win and nominate two teams for the Jungle while the team with the slowest time will automatically go to the Jungle.


  • Prior to the "Out on a Limb" challenge, Brandon quit the competition stating that he was homesick. Briana had no other rivals to step in and was disqualified as his partner.

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