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Heather Marter
Challenger Profile
Original Series The Real World: Las Vegas (2011)
Born October 2, 1988 (1988-10-02) (age 33)
Hometown Delran, New Jersey
Challenge Career
Seasons Battle of the Exes
Daily Wins 0
Social Media
Twitter heathlizm
Instagram heathlizm

Heather Elizabeth Walling (née Marter) is a contestant from The Real World: Las Vegas (2011). She competed on Battle of the Exes.


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Battle of the Exes

Dustin and Heather were immediately drawn to each other on Real World: Las Vegas, but their relationship was rocked when Heather learned about Dustin's history working for a gay porn website. The couple weathered the obstacles, but when time came to leave Vegas, they decided that maintaining a long distance relationship would be unrealistic. Unable to resist each other, the exes resumed their romance after the show and are currently dating. Dustin is enthused to be partnered with his girlfriend, stating, "I don't have any lack of confidence in us, as a team. I think we're strong." Heather, on the other hand, sees some potential pitfalls. She notes, "The worst thing about being paired with Dustin is that he has no shame in showing his competitive side." It's yet to be seen if the stress of competition will bring out Dustin's temper and if that will prove too much for their relationship.

Battle of the Exes

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Give Me Some Honey SAFE
2 Hook Up SAFE
3 N/A DQ


  • Dustin suffered a knee injury at the house that required stitches. When he arrived at the "Mental Connection" challenge, TJ delivered the news that Dustin was medically prohibited from competing. Heather was sent home as well because she was Dustin's partner and she did not have any other Exes who could have stepped in.

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