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Heather Cooke
Challenger Profile
Nickname Cooke
Original Series The Real World: Las Vegas (2011)
Born December 25, 1988 (1988-12-25) (age 32)
Hometown California, Maryland
Challenge Career
Seasons Rivals II (final)
Daily Wins 1
Eliminations 2 (2 wins)
Money Won $17,500
Social Media
Twitter iamheathercooke
Instagram heathercooke13

Heather Marie Diosano Vetreno (née Cooke) is a contestant from The Real World: Las Vegas (2011). She was a finalist on Rivals II.


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Rivals II

On The Real World: Las Vegas, Cooke and Naomi clashed over their mutual affections for their roommate Leroy. Now, these onetime romantic rivals are each other's only allies. Naomi vents, "Cooke is an over-competitor and overachiever. I feel like she might be a bitch." One of the most physically mismatched teams in Rivals II, Cooke is a fitness fanatic who plays on the Philippine national soccer team, while New York City girl Naomi is one of the least athletic players in the game. Although Naomi hopes to use this perceived weakness to her advantage, Cooke worries that her partner doesn't have the desire and toughness needed to win. "The girl can't even run a mile. I could run 10. I'll definitely need to have a lot of patience with Naomi and really help her to believe in herself," Cooke confesses. Can Cooke coach Naomi to a win? Or will this pair crumble under pressure?

Rivals II

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Game of Inches SAFE
3 Mind Over Splatter SAFE
4 Stumped JUNGLE
5 Frog Smash SAFE
6 Frenemies SAFE
7 Blind Leading the Blind SAFE
8 Swingers JUNGLE
9 Rampage SAFE
10/11 Color Correction WIN
11/12 Dream Island SECOND
Nightmare Island

Elimination History

Episode Jungle Partner Opponents Result
2 Hanging by a Thread WIN
8 Snapper WIN


  • Cooke received $17,500 for finishing the "Nightmare Island" Final Challenge in second place.


  • Cooke was flown to Argentina with the initial cast of All Stars to serve as an alternate in case anybody was disqualified. She was eventually sent home after being unused.


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