Frank Sweeney
Challenger Profile
Original Series RW: San Diego (2011)
Born May 5, 1989 (1989-05-05) (age 29)
Hometown Canastota, New York
Challenge Career
Seasons Battle of the Seasons (2012) (won)
Rivals II (final)
Free Agents
Challenge Wins 6
Eliminations 3 (3 wins)
Money Won $80,000
Social Media
Twitter frankcsweeney
Instagram frankcsweeney


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Everything has turned upside down since the last time we saw Team San Diego. Blonde bombshell Ashley and muscle jock Zach were inseparable lovers during their season, but after a sour breakup, Zach confesses, "Ashley ripped my heart out, put it in a blender and served it to me for breakfast." But how will Ashley react when Zach hooks up with another girl in the house? Hothead Frank enters the game hell-bent on leading his team, but Zach has other ideas. These two alpha males hated each other during their season, but arrive at Battle of the Seasons hoping to change that, as Frank admits, "The thing that means the most to me is being able to cross the finish line with Zach. I wouldn't want to cross the finish line with anybody else." Frank and Zach may be friends for now, but will the pressures of the game reignite their past hatred? Rounding out the team is Sam, the least athletic and most politically inept teammate, who is out to prove to her team that she is a worthy asset. Will San Diego be able to start fresh and compete with a clean slate? Or will their toxic past rise up and destroy their chances of winning?

The stage is set for a clash of the egos as two of the most notorious personalities in Challenge history are thrust together. Although they had never met in person prior to their arrival in Thailand, Johnny and Frank's rivalry grew out of a heated exchange on Twitter. Irked by the "Rookie Revolution" that propelled Frank's team to victory on Battle of the Seasons, veteran Johnny downplayed Frank's win, claiming he "didn't scout Junior Varsity" when a fan asked his opinion of the game's new generation. Never one to let an insult slide by, Frank fired back at 30 year-old Bananas, snarking, "Maybe you should focus on a real job, old man!" While these two may need to earn each other's respect, four-time champion Johnny already recognizes their innate similarities, admitting, "One of the things that scares me the most about Frank is he reminds me a lot of myself." Johnny and Frank have the chops to emerge as a powerhouse pair, but will their massive egos prove to be their downfall?

After a second-place finish on Rivals II with Bananas, Frank is ready to step back into the winner's circle. This volatile competitor stirs up drama wherever he goes, and isn't afraid of confrontation on or off the field. He defends, "I think whether or not you like the way I play the game, I play it and I play it well and I play hard and rough and dirty and it works out." Unencumbered by a team or partner, Frank knows Free Agents is the perfect game to showcase his talents and his athleticism, "I would just love so much to win one and do it on my own." Watch for Frank to make waves as he pursues his second Challenge title in three seasons.

Battle of the Seasons (2012)

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Don't Cross Me SAFE
2 Oil Change WIN
3 Hook, Line and Sinker SAFE
4/5 Don't Weigh Me Down SAFE
5 Chairman of the Board WIN
6 Insane Games SAFE
7 Logged Out SAFE
8 Hunger Games SAFE
9 Abandon Ship WIN
10 Force Field WIN
11 Sling Shot ARENA
12 Final Challenge WINNER

Money Won: $62,500

Elimination History

Episode Arena Partner Opponents Result
11 Knot So Fast WIN

Rivals II

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Game of Inches SAFE
2 XXX Games SAFE
3 Mind Over Splatter WIN
4 Stumped SAFE
5 Frog Smash SAFE
6 Frenemies SAFE
7 Blind Leading the Blind WIN
8 Swingers SAFE
9 Rampage SAFE
10/11 Color Correction N/A
11/12 Dream Island SECOND
Nightmare Island

Money Won: $17,500

Free Agents

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Out on a Ledge Team Red ELIM
2 Auto Body Rally Nia ELIM


  • Frank initially thought that he was suffering from a collapsed lung, and had hoped to continue competing. However, when he arrived at the "Bar Crawl" challenge, TJ delivered the news that doctors diagnosed Frank with a contagious viral infection, and he was immediately removed from the competition.

Elimination History

Episode Elimination Opponent Result
1 Balls In WIN
2 Wrecking Wall WIN



  • Frank made a surprise appearance during Episode 11 of Vendettas as a "Mercenary". He competed in the Ring against Brad.
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