Flora Alekseyeun
Flora 281x211
Challenger Profile
Original Series The Real World: Miami
Born September 18, 1971 (1971-09-18) (age 48)
Hometown Boston, Massachusetts
Challenge Career
Seasons Battle of the Seasons (2002)
Challenge Wins 2
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Flora Alekseyeun was a contestant from The Real World: Miami. She competed on Battle of the Seasons (2002).


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Best Known For: Her breasts, her relationships, her attitude.

Outlook: Attitude and competitiveness may keep her from getting the boot just by sheer willpower, but it's likely that as soon as somebody gets the chance, they are going to want to get rid of her mouth.

Previous Record: (Out of 5 stars)

Crying: *

Fighting: *****

Hooking Up: ****

Athletic Ability: ?

(Ratings are based on previous seasons and are relative to other RW/RR cast members.)

Battle of the Seasons (2002)

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Hang Man Mike L. SAFE
3/4 Musical Inner-Tube Tango SAFE
5/6 Vertical Limit SAFE
6 Slam Dunk OUT


  • Flora provided the audio clue for the "Rollerball Resurrection" challenge during Episode 5 of the Extreme Challenge.

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