Digging Your Own Grave
Episode Information
Season Rivals III
Episode No. 10
Air Date July 6, 2016
Viewers (in millions) 0.92
Episode Chronology
Previous Let Sleeping Dogs Wake
Next Rivals: Civil War

Digging Your Own Grave is the tenth episode of The Challenge: Rivals III.


When one team tries to keep an alliance under wraps, their exposure threatens to derail trust, friendships, and families within the Challenge house.


Location: Huatulco, Mexico
Challenge: Take It to the Grave
The team's female partners are buried alive underneath the ground. Before being buried they were asked a series of questions. The male partners will start at a marker and be asked a series of question. If a player answers correctly they may move forward a marker, but if they are incorrect they must stay on the same marker. After a certain point players will be able to unbury their female partner and ring the bell. The first team to ring the bell will win and nominate two teams for The Jungle while the last place team will automatically be sent to The Jungle.

Power Team Last Place
DarioRivals3Icon NicoleRivals3Icon
Dario & Nicole
NateRivals3Icon ChristinaRivals3Icon
Nate & Christina


Winner's choice:

Power Team Vote
1st Vote 2nd Vote
DarioRivals3Icon NicoleRivals3Icon
Dario & Nicole

CoryRivals3Icon AshleyRivals3Icon
Cory & Ashley
DevinRivals3Icon CheyenneRivals3Icon
Devin & Cheyenne

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