Diem Brown
Challenger Profile
Original Series Fresh Meat
Born June 12, 1980
Died November 14, 2014 (aged 34)
Hometown Roswell, Georgia
Challenge Career
Seasons Fresh Meat
The Duel
The Gauntlet III (final)
The Duel II
The Ruins
Battle of the Exes (final)
Rivals II
Battle of the Exes II
Challenge Wins 19
Eliminations 6 (1 win, 5 losses)
Money Won $53,000
Social Media
Twitter DiemBrownMTV
Instagram diembrown


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You never know what you're going to get when it comes to Diem. She was raised an "army brat" and is a red-state Republican with a poli-sci degree living in liberal West Hollywood. Never afraid to let her hair down, Diem loves to hit the dance floor and rock out to heavy metal. Having to overcome huge obstacles and battles in her personal life, Diem, though sultry and slight, is in some ways a more complete and complex warrior than any of her competition.

Diem, though sultry and slight, is in some ways a more complete and complex warrior than any of her competition. During Fresh Meat, she revealed to Derrick that she was battling ovarian cancer. This strong competitor was sent home just before the final mission without the cash, but with fond memories and no regret. After enduring six months of chemotherapy, she is heading to Brazil to battle it out once again. Her personal demons defeated, can she prevail against more traditional foes?

Last seen taming wild child CT on The Duel, Diem returns, this time with BF in tow. Time will only tell if her relationship with CT will help or hurt her chances. A showdown with Beth is far more likely, as the two exchanged words during The Duel Reunion and extreme bitterness still lingers. She's also a cancer survivor, so her true strength should never be questioned.

An army brat who gathered most of her personality makeup from living in the southern United States, Diem has proven herself to be a formidable competitor in past challenges. Her interest in how others overcome adversity has led Diem to a career in television journalism. She currently serves as the Los Angeles reporter/host for London's Sky Showbiz and spends time raising money and support for cancer sufferers through her L4TC charity. In past challenges, we've been there as Diem got seriously involved with CT, a fellow competitor who will also be in New Zealand for The Duel II. And even though she will have to work hard to keep her emotions in check, she's got her eyes on the prize. "I have tons of goals this year," Diem says, "and winning the challenge would expedite the funding of them!"

Diem first won our hearts during Fresh Meat when she revealed that she was fighting ovarian cancer. While she didn't win that Challenge, she did prove victorious in her battle with cancer and returned to The Duel, where she tamed the wild CT, but once again failed to win the game. Although her relationship with CT never worked out, Diem has proven time and time again that she is a fighter who can overcome huge obstacles. Although she is an experienced player and a solid athlete, Diem has never won a Challenge. Now, Diem comes to Thailand with a "take-no-prisoners attitude" and the goal of finally taking home the grand prize from The Ruins.

CT struck up a romance with Diem on The Duel and the relationship blossomed as Diem, a survivor of ovarian cancer, found solace with CT during her difficult recovery process. However, when Diem decided to focus all her energy on her career the two parted ways. Things took a darker turn, when the two exes returned for The Duel II and Adam told Diem that CT had been hooking up with Shauvon and they haven't spoken or seen each other since. News of their partnership has reopened old wounds for Diem who maintains, "I don't know what our dynamic is at this point other than the fact that I'm still angry. Like, I'm pissed." CT remains undeterred by Diem's rage, claiming, "There's no way she can be mad at me cause I won't let her be mad at me." Will bad boy, CT charm his way back into Diem's heart or will their turbulent past prove to be too much to overcome?

Aneesa and Diem's rivalry was born on The Duel, when Aneesa chose Diem to go into elimination after promising to keep her safe. Diem ended up going home and giving Aneesa the silent treatment. Diem recalls, "It's been a long time, but once someone makes you not trust them, it's hard to regain that." Since we last saw Diem in the finals of Battle of the Exes, she successfully beat ovarian cancer a second time and is now in remission. But despite her fighting spirit, Diem still struggles with confidence and reverts to old patterns when she hooks up with former flame CT! Aneesa is skeptical of her romantic reunion, explaining, "Anyone who messes with CT is playing with fire. Emotionally, she could be setting herself up for failure." Diem may seem angelic, but this veteran has a tilted halo... and perhaps a devil on her shoulder.

CT and Diem hold the record for the longest standing love story in Challenge history. After meeting on The Duel, CT fell for Diem when she bravely removed her wig for a mud challenge, fresh after a battle with ovarian cancer. The two continued their romance off the show and fell deeply in love. However, their relationship hit rocky ground when Diem set her focus on her career. The pair overcame their obstacles and won second place on Battle of the Exes, but their trust was damaged at the end of Rivals II, when Diem felt betrayed by CT's political game. CT admits, "I'm looking forward to redeeming myself with Diem. This is Diem's game. Diem deserves to win." CT and Diem weathered many storms, and their epic on-again, off-again love sustained over the years. Diem explains, "Seeing CT here gives me some sort of relief that somebody is somewhat in my corner. This Challenge will show what type of relationship we have."

Fresh Meat

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Stuck On Me DerrickFMIcon
2 Bush Whacked SAFE
3 Hang On SAFE
4 Jail Break SAFE
5 Climber's Paradise SAFE
6 Rollin' in Oats SAFE
7 Crossed Paths SAFE
8 Incredible Deflating Kayak SAFE
9 Swimming With Sharks SAFE
10 Human Ox Pull SAFE
11 Batten Down the Hatches WIN
12 Jump Down Under WIN
13 Deep Blue WIN
14 Target Training SAFE
15 What a Croc OUT

Elimination History

Episode Exile Partner Opponents Result
15 Forest Course DerrickFMIcon
DarrellFMIcon AvivFMIcon
Darrell & Aviv

The Duel

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Reaching Out N/A SAFE
2/3 Ring Toss WIN
3 Pass With Care CT SAFE
4 Roller Derby N/A SAFE
5 Push Over SAFE
6 Flying Leap SAFE
7 Throwback CT SAFE
8 Rafty Race N/A SAFE
9 Pole Dance Team CT WIN
10 Dine-N-Dash Team Diem WIN
11 Stacking Stairs CT SAFE
12 Ice Breakers N/A SAFE
13 Sunken Treasure CT SAFE
14 Around the Block N/A OUT

Elimination History

Episode Duel Opponent Result
14 I Can AneesaDuelIcon

The Gauntlet III

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Team Result
1 Piñata Pit Veterans WIN
2 Screw You WIN
Roped In WIN
3 Wring Out WIN
Blind Man's Maze SAFE
4 Push It WIN
Man Overboard WIN
5 Assembly Required SAFE
Walk the Plank WIN
6 Pole Push WIN
I Dig You WIN
7 Over the Edge SAFE
Mexican Blanket WIN
8/9 Chill Out SAFE
Well-Balanced SAFE
9 Army Strong LOSER

The Duel II

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1/2 Last Man Standing Team Black SAFE
2 Freezing as Puck Dunbar SAFE
3 All Shook Up N/A SAFE
4 Luging My Mind Evan SAFE
5 Don't Let Go SAFE
6 Dangle Duo SAFE
7 Burnt N/A SAFE
8 Upside Downer DUEL
9/10 Spelling Air SAFE
10 N/A OUT

Elimination History

Episode Duel Opponent Result
8 Push Over WIN
10 OUT

The Ruins

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Team Result
1 Chain Gang Challengers OUT

Elimination History

Episode Ruins Opponent Result
1 Shoots and Ladders OUT

Battle of the Exes

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Give Me Some Honey SAFE
2 Hook Up SAFE
3 Mental Connection SAFE
4 Rolling in the Deep SAFE
5 Don't Rock the Boat SAFE
6 Lube Me Up SAFE
7/8 Race to the Altar WIN
8/9 Feel the Burn WIN
9/10 Viking Quest SECOND

Money Won: $52,500

Rivals II

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 Game of Inches SAFE
2 XXX Games SAFE
3 Mind Over Splatter SAFE
4 Stumped SAFE
5 Frog Smash SAFE
6 Frenemies SAFE
7 Blind Leading the Blind WIN
8 Swingers SAFE
9 Rampage SAFE
10/11 Color Correction OUT

Money Won: $500

Elimination History

Episode Jungle Partner Opponents Result
10/11 Hanging by a Thread OUT

Battle of the Exes II

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1 I Got You Babe SAFE
2 Rounding the Bases SAFE


  • Diem fell severely ill following the "Rounding the Bases" challenge. TJ later delivered the news that Diem was medically unable to continue competing.


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