Devyn Simone
Challenger Profile
Original Series RW: Brooklyn
Born February 6, 1988 (1988-02-06) (age 32)
Hometown Kansas City, Missouri
Challenge Career
Seasons Battle of the Seasons (2012) (final)
Free Agents (final)
Challenge Wins 6
Eliminations 1 (1 win)
Money Won $25,000
Social Media
Twitter DevynSimone
Instagram devynsimone
Devyn Simone was a contestant from The Real World: Brooklyn. She was a finalist on Battle of the Seasons (2012) and Free Agents.


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Battle of the Seasons (2012)

The self-proclaimed "oddballs" of Battle of the Seasons, Team Brooklyn combines political savvy with an uncanny ability to unite despite their rocky past. As Chet notes, "I can't say that I love every single person on my team, but I can go play these games and just leave that in the past until we win the money." Like teammates Chet and JD, Sarah is a Challenge veteran and hungry for a spot at the top of the podium, stressing, "This is Challenge #6 for me. Sure, I've made it to some finals, but I've never won. I just want to win." Sarah may have the strength and desire to propel her team to the Finals, but she risks losing her laser focus when she begins a romance with one of the toughest players in Challenge history. Brooklyn's wild card comes in the curvaceous form of rookie player Devyn, a former beauty queen who may be more concerned with her beloved $1,000 wigs than trips to the gym. Though she may wear dresses and heels around the house, Devyn is excited to rediscover her inner athlete, explaining, "They see this girlie girl, but I took flying lessons, wakeboarding lessons, skiing lessons!" Is Brooklyn's newfound unity strong enough to weather the storms of The Challenge? Or will this team crumble under pressure?

Free Agents

We last saw Devyn being dragged up a sand dune by her teammates in the final challenge of Battle of the Seasons, where she took third place. Although you're still more likely to find this NYC diva shopping on Fifth Avenue than hitting the gym, Devyn is ready to quiet the haters and prove it takes more than muscle to win The Challenge. She explains, "I've gotten a lot of comments that I'm not athletic or people think that I can't compete. But I don't think you have to be a fitness pro to win this." Devyn is a shrewd political player and extremely well liked by her fellow competitors. Can Devyn make up for her weaknesses on the field with crafty gameplay? Or will this fierce fashionista unravel under pressure?

Battle of the Seasons (2012)

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Don't Cross Me SAFE
2 Oil Change SAFE
3 Hook, Line and Sinker SAFE
4/5 Don't Weigh Me Down ARENA
5 Chairman of the Board SAFE
6 Insane Games SAFE
7 Logged Out WIN
8 Hunger Games WIN
9 Abandon Ship SAFE
10 Force Field SAFE
11 Sling Shot SAFE
12 Final Challenge THIRD

Money Won: $10,000

Elimination History

Episode Arena Partner Opponents Result
5 Water Torture WIN

Free Agents

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Out on a Ledge Team Black WIN
2 Auto Body Rally Isaac SAFE
3 Bar Crawl Team Zach SAFE
4 Bounce Out Team Yellow SAFE
5 Piggy Back Team Purple WIN
6 Smarty Pants N/A WIN
7 Sausage Party SAFE
8 Hold That Pose Team Devyn WIN
9 Dug Out Laurel SAFE
10/11 Crossover Johnny SAFE
11/12 Final Challenge Zach THIRD

Money Won: $15,000


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