Dave Giuntoli
Challenger Profile
Original Series RR: South Pacific
Born June 18, 1980 (1980-06-18) (age 39)
Hometown St. Louis, Missouri
Challenge Career
Seasons The Gauntlet (won)
Challenge Wins 8
Money Won $25,555
Social Media
Twitter mistergiuntoli
Instagram mrgiuntoli
David "Dave" Giuntoli was a contestant from Road Rules: South Pacific. He was a winner of The Gauntlet.


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Then: Dave was the smart, spiritual guy from the South Pacific cast. Possibly the most even-tempered Road Ruler ever, all the girls on his team seemed to have a little crush on him... he seemed to have a crush on Mary Beth.

Now: Dave has been busy romancing cast mate Cara since he finished filming South Pacific. He moved to Chicago to spend the summer with her and he is promoting clubs to make some money.

Relationships: Dave and Cara will battle it out with Alton and Irulan for most snuggly couple on the Challenge.

Best Known For: Being indecisive and saying things like "shall I?"

The Gauntlet

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Team Result
1 Snake Soup Road Rules SAFE
2 Masquerade SAFE
3 Mud Bath SAFE
4 I Scream SAFE
5 Holey Canoe SAFE
6 Heavyweight Hustle SAFE
7 Sink My Ship SAFE
8 Red Barron SAFE
9 Inferno SAFE
10 Rolling On a River SAFE
11 Turntable SAFE
12 All Or Nothing SAFE
13 Vertical Sweep SAFE
14/15 Dukes of Saturn SAFE
15/16 Gold Rush WINNER

Money Won: $25,555

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