Dario Medrano
Challenger Profile
Original Series AYTO? 2
Born September 1, 1992 (1992-09-01) (age 26)
Hometown Salem, Massachusetts
Challenge Career
Seasons Battle of the Bloodlines
Rivals III
Invasion of the Champions
XXX: Dirty 30
Challenge Wins 7
Eliminations 4 (1 win, 3 losses)
Social Media
Twitter Dario_medrano_
Instagram dario.medrano


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You're not seeing double! Bad boy Dario, from Are You the One?, brings along his twin brother, Raphy, to show they can win Challenges as well as hearts. These two boys from Boston make a strong entrance flexing their biceps and their skills in the Challenge. Determined not to let the veterans control the game, this devious duo threatens to be twice as difficult to eliminate. Dario warns, "If someone gets on my brother's case, you're getting on my case. You got one problem with him, you got two problems. You don't mess with the twins!" However, when an unpredictable Challenge vet swoons for Dario, he sees an opportunity to woo his way to a win, but it could ultimately send the brothers packing.

Dario ruffled a lot of feathers when he first appeared on Battle of the Bloodlines, and the Boston beefcake's biggest hater was the meticulously made-up Nicole. Dario made it no secret that he was coming for Nicole and her cousin Nany last season, and that hatred is still burning strong, "The worst thing about being paired up with Nicole is all the makeup I'm gonna have to wash off when I say hi to her. And she just talks and talks and talks. Even when she’s not talking, I tell her to stop talking!" When she isn't working on her brows or gossiping with her cousin, Nicole is usually trying to cut down Dario's arrogance, "He thinks that he's above everybody else. He thinks he's like the strongest person ever in life, and I'm not going to just be quiet!" Dario wants to play a quieter game this season, but will that be possible now that he's paired with outspoken Nicole? And when Nicole finds herself falling head over heels for a hunky rookie, will Dario be able to keep her focused?

After a heartbreaking loss on Rivals III, Dario is back and has more at stake than ever before. After recently moving to Los Angeles to peruse a career in real estate, this suave suitor is learning what it is like to start from the bottom, "I'm sleeping on a sofa. I'm not living this glamorous LA life. I'm really here to win." No longer held down by stumbling siblings or drama-prone partners, Dario only has himself to rely on this time around. But when a disastrous divide forms in the game, Dario is forced to leave his middle-of-the road mentality behind and choose sides. Will he pick the stronger side and prove that the third time's the charm? Or will loyalty cloud his judgment and veer him off the course to victory?

Dario showcased his conniving tactics on Rivals III when he sided against his friend in favor of an alliance with a pair of vets. After convincing other teams to always vote the most powerful players into elimination, he went against his word -- and his partner Nicole's wishes -- when he turned around and voted in his own alliance members. Will Dario keep his word to his pals this time around, or will his true colors show once more?

Battle of the Bloodlines

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 Water Battle SAFE
2 Family Dinner SAFE
3/4 Meet Me Halfway Red Team WIN
4/5 Air to the Throne OUT

Rivals III

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partner Result
1/2 Give Me Some Slack SAFE
3 Dirty Laundry SAFE
4/5 Out on a Limb SAFE
6 Laps of Judgement SAFE
7 Road to Nowhere SAFE
8/9 Up All Night SAFE
10/11 Take It to the Grave WIN
11 Catch and Release SAFE
12 Bridging the Gap JUNGLE
13 N/A OUT

Elimination History

Episode Jungle Partner Opponents Result
12 Tunnel Vision WIN
13 Don't Wine for Me Argentina OUT

Invasion of the Champions

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1/2 The Over Under N/A WIN
3 Shell Shocked SAFE
4 Caged and Confused SAFE
5/6 Knockout Underdogs WIN
7 Roll with the Punches SAFE
8 Curry Up OUT

Elimination History

Episode Fortress Opponent Result
8 Bell Ringer OUT

XXX: Dirty 30

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Partners Result
1 The Purge N/A SAFE
Blue Team WIN
2/3 Cool Under Fire XX
3/4 Battle Royale Green Team WIN
6/7 Pirates' Treasure Nicole SAFE
7/8 Ups and Downs Pink Team SAFE
8/9 Talk Thirty to Me N/A SAFE
11/12 Saved by the Bell OUT

Elimination History

Episode Presidio Opponent Result
12 Web of Lies OUT

Redemption History

Episode Challenge Opponents Result
15 The Final Redemption Challenge OUT


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