Christian Breivik
Challenger Profile
Original Series RR: Second Adventure
Born 1975
Hometown Nesøya, Norway
Challenge Career
Seasons Extreme Challenge
Challenge Wins 6
Money Won $1,000
Social Media
Instagram cbreivik
Christian Breivik was a contestant from Road Rules: USA – The Second Adventure. He competed on the Extreme Challenge.


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Likes: Saying funny things and his pal Timmy from Road Rules Season 2.

Dislikes: We're not sure Christian dislikes anything or anyone...

Last Seen: Drinking up American Culture with high elbows on Road Rules Season 2.

Competition Philosophy: I'll do it.

Extreme Challenge

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Team Result
1/2 Ring of Fire Road Rules LOSE
Rope Courses WIN
Blimp Water Skiing LOSE
3 Fisherman's Wharf LOSE
4 No Laughing Matter LOSE
5 Rollerball Resurrection WIN
7 Wrestling With the Past WIN
8 Human Foosball Yellow Team WIN
9 Sub-Standard Road Rules LOSE
10 Bring It On WIN
11 Breath-Taking WIN
12 Tough Guy LOSE
13 Defying Gravity LOSE
14 Famous Couples Fashion Show LOSE
15 Medi-Evil LOSE
15/16 Operation Human Shield LOSE
17 Toyota Motorsports LOSE
Race to the Finish LOSER

Money Won: $1,000

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