Christena Pyle
Challenger Profile
Original Series Road Rules: South Pacific
Born June 26, 1980 (1980-06-26) (age 39)
Hometown Tampa, Florida
Challenge Career
Seasons The Inferno (won)
Challenge Wins 11
Eliminations 1 (1 win)
Money Won $33,500
Social Media
Twitter cjpyle
Instagram cjpyle
Christena J. Pyle was a contestant from Road Rules: South Pacific. She was a winner of The Inferno.


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Hottest Pre-Inferno Moment: Still waiting...

Loose Ends: Christena is a tough competitor and a great team leader. She's tougher on herself than anyone else and always wants to perform well. She had a couple of reality checks in South Pacific that showed her she could always win at everything, but that only made her a better team player. She's also buddies with South Pacific's cast-off Abe.

The Inferno

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Team Result
1 Grope the Rope Road Rules SAFE
2 Bird Feeder SAFE
3 Wreck N' Roll SAFE
4 Climbing Wall SAFE
5 Disco Domino Derby SAFE
6 Balls Out SAFE
7 Ultimate Saturn Road Trip INFERNO
8 Don't Yank My Chain INFERNO
9 Come Sail Away SAFE
10 Bungee Bound SAFE
11 Twist and Shoot SAFE
12 Balcony Swing SAFE
13 Fallen Angels SAFE
14/15 Saturn Valet Ballet SAFE
15/17 Window Washing SAFE
18 Seven Deadly Sins WINNER

Money Won: $33,500

Elimination History

Episode Inferno Opponent Result
8 Noise Pollution Mallory WIN


  • Christena arrived to compete on The Inferno after the rest of her castmates as she served as a replacement for Piggy who was sent home during early filming for unknown reasons.
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