Champions (The Ruins)
Challenge Season The Ruins
Team Members Darrell Taylor
Derrick Kosinski
Evan Starkman
Evelyn Smith
Ibis Nieves
Johanna Botta
Johnny Devenanzio
Katie Doyle
Kenny Santucci
Susie Meister
Syrus Yarbrough
Tonya Cooley
Veronica Portillo
Wes Bergmann
Game Summary
Eliminations 17 (10 wins, 7 losses)


Episode Ruins Player Opponent Result
1 Shoots and Ladders Wes Chet WIN
Tonya Diem WIN
2 Shadowfighter Wes Nick WIN
Evelyn KellyAnne OUT
3 Burnout Susie Brianna WIN
Syrus Adam WIN
4 Oh Ring Katie Sarah OUT
Darrell Danny WIN
5 Spool Wes Cohutta OUT
Ibis Kimberly OUT
6 Hog Tie Syrus Cohutta OUT
Veronica KellyAnne OUT
7 Crunch Johanna Sarah OUT
Darrell Cohutta WIN
8/9 Rag Doll Susie Kimberly WIN
Johnny Dunbar WIN
9 Muay Thai Susie Casey WIN

NOTE: No male Ruins was held at the end of Episode 9 due to all of the males on the Challengers team having been eliminated.

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