Blue Team (Cutthroat)
Blue Team
Challenge Season Cutthroat
Team Members Derek Chavez
Derrick Kosinski
Emilee Fitzpatrick (captain)
Emily Schromm
Eric Banks
Jenn Grijalva
Johnny Devenanzio
Katie Doyle
Theresa Gonzalez
Ty Ruff
Game Summary
Eliminations 13 (5 wins, 8 losses)
Money Won $40,000
The Blue Team is one of the three teams to compete on Cutthroat.


Episode Gulag Player Opponent Result
1 Handcuffs Derek Brandon OUT
Emilee Camila OUT
3 Die Hard Eric Vinny WIN
Katie Shauvon SAFE
4 Swat Katie Ayiiia WIN
Eric Luke OUT
5 Pole Me Over Ty Brandon OUT
Katie Camila OUT
6 Handcuffs Emily Melinda WIN
Derrick Brandon WIN
8/9 Back Up Off Me Theresa Tori OUT
Johnny Tyler OUT
9/10 Pole Me Over Derrick Tyler OUT
Emily Paula WIN
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