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Bettina Buchanan is a contestant from Paradise Hotel Sweden 8, Paradise Hotel Sweden 11, Paradise Hotel Norway 11, Ex on the Beach Sweden 8, Paradise Hotel Norway 13, Ex on the Beach Norway 4, and Paradise Hotel Sweden 16. She competed on Spies, Lies & Allies.


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Spies, Lies & Allies

A veteran of Paradise Hotel Sweden and Celebrity Ex on the Beach Sweden, Bettina has a knack for using her charm and fun-loving personality to navigate a high-stakes social game. With a trademark laugh that can be heard from miles around, Bettina likes to present herself as a loud and wild party girl, but she can also be shrewd, cunning and cutthroat. If she can strike the right balance between lively partier and savvy social gamer, Bettina could take home some serious dough.

Spies, Lies & Allies

Challenge History

Episode Mission Partners Result
1 Compromised Cory SAFE
2 Heli Heist SAFE
3 Sea Cave Recon SAFE
4 Undercover Comms SAFE
5 Mindfield SAFE
6/7 Turning Agents SAFE
8 Dive Bomb SAFE
9 Bombshell Battle LAIR
10 Diamond Dash Sapphire Cell SAFE
11 Satellite Sabotage SAFE
12 Brush Contact OUT

Elimination History

Episode Lair Partner Opponents Result
9 Hang in the Balance CorySLAIcon.png
12 Bombs Away OUT